Pamela Anderson Urges SeaWorld to Spare Orca From the Bane of Enclosure

by | July 4, 2019

When it comes to actor and model Pamela Anderson, there is no need for an introduction to her as an activist for the cause of animal suffering. The 52 years old American-Canadian recently did a photoshoot with charity PETA to spread the message of liberating aquatic animals from the choke of amusement parks, where they’re often stationed in enclosers equivalent to a bathtub, compared to their size. Find more about Anderson’s letter to the CEO of SeaWorld.

Pamela Anderson Urges SeaWorld to Spare Orca From the Bane of Enclosure
Credit: @pamfoundation/ Twitter

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Pamela Anderson Campaigns For Aquatic Animals in Captivity

The former Baywatch star recently turns 52 and wishes that may the captured Orca in SeaWorld is released. Corky, the Orca stationed at SeaWorld was captured fifty years back, making the animal close to Anderson’s age. There is no doubt how the actor campaigns for all animals, but understandably, she shares a unique bond with Corky. The Orca was captured near British Columbia, near Anderson’s hometown.

According to PETA, Gustavo Antorcha, SeaWorld’s newly appointed CEO received a letter from the actor, telling about her heartfelt emotions she shares with the Orca. She wrote that every year as her birthday approaches, it reminds her of Corky, who is nearly the same age as hers. However, the actor mentioned, Corky was torn away from her mother as a baby. She said in the letter:

“Please don’t let her die in a tank that, to her, is comparable to the size of a bathtub.”

Pamela Anderson Urges SeaWorld to Spare Orca From the Bane of Enclosure

According to PETA, Corky is kept crammed in a chemically treated water tank at the SeaWorld. In the latest PETA campaign for the cause, Pamela posed in a bathtub, naked, with a caption reading: “Could you live in a bathtub for 30 years?”

In Pain

According to the official website of the actor’s foundation, Anderson in the letter wrote that Corky has been under unending pain for 49 years. It is even known from the letter that Corky was artificially inseminated seven times, of which six times was by her own cousin. Shockingly none of the babies survived more than 47 days. Her last baby was found floating dead at the bottom of the tank in SeaWorld, Anderson mentioned in the letter.

“It’s within your power to release this long-suffering orca to a seaside sanctuary in a protected bay of her home waters,” the actor urged in the letter.

Watch the Q&A below, where glimpses of the photoshoot could be seen. Pamela Anderson said the best thing one can do to is not going to these places, she said referring to SeaWorld.

Orcas are voracious swimmers and can swim nearly 140 miles a day in the wild. To cover the same in enclosures like Corky’s, it would literally take thousands of rounds in there. Also known as killer whales, they’re the largest member of the dolphin family. Males can range from 3,600 to 5,400 kgs, whereas females like Corky can weight up to 2700 kgs. Needless to say, an animal, so well adapted for the sea life can’t stay happy inside a tank, that can be compared to the size of a bathtub for the animal.

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