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Veteran Vegan Runner Grabs National Gold at the National Senior Games

by | July 4, 2019

Self-trained vegan and veteran athlete, Ellen Jaffe Jones grabbed the national gold at the National Senior Games held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The 66- years old vegan runner and author ran in all the seven running events and emerged victorious without any injury, a feat not many of her age could show. Relilience, steadfastness, and resolve in her temperament, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Read on to learn more about her gold standard win.

Veteran Vegan Runner Grabs National Gold at the National Senior Games
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Vegan Runner Secures National Gold at Senior Games in New Mexico

Sixty-six years old veteran vegan author and athlete, don’t care for a trainer to train her. Needless to say, the self-trained athlete is unlike many of her age. In the recent National Senior Games occurring at Albuquerque, in New Mexico, Jaffe achieved the National Gold, emerging 1st in US W65-69 in 4×100 Relay 2019.

Competing in all the seven events, starting from 40 meters to 1500, the vegan athlete was one of the two contenders of her age group, sustaining in all the events. It must be noted that the event was held at a higher altitude, making laborious tasks like running a challenge.

Highlighting her performance, she came 10th in the 800 and 1500 meter among others. Jaffe even competed at all the relays at the end, according to the press release. This time was Ellen Jaffe’s third time participating in the senior games, having qualified in the state level earlier. The gold medal that she received at the 4×100 meter relay was just 2 second off the Field record and the USA Track.

Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Due to the altitude of the meet at Albuquerque, performing wasn’t easy. A number of players collapsed in the week-long event, owing to lack of oxygen in the brain and altitude sickness, according to the press release. Out of 77 age-group qualifiers, only 8 were left for the relay, being able to run.

Speaking to Green Vegan Athlete, Jaffe- the vegan runner revealed that to prepare for the event, she went three days ahead in Albuquerque. She followed all the vegan altitude recommendations that included eating a lot of iron-rich foods, beet-juice and plenty of water. She ate at Whole Foods for salads and fresh greens every night.

Fighting the Odds to Victory

Ellen Jaffe is not only a winning vegan athlete, but she’s also an utterly resilient woman as well. Last year she fought with a number of odds related to health. She was diagnosed with genetic autoimmune disease and psoriatic arthritis, and nothing could stop her. She could have been left immobile in a year’s time, had the ailments not been found. From the support of her plant-based doctors, strict nutritious diet, Ellen emerged a winner.

Isn’t her story utterly inspiring? Apart from being an amazing vegan runner and athlete, Jaffe has also authored six vegan books and is a health coach as well. What do you think? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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