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Piers Morgan Calls Gordon Ramsay “Vegan Slathering Papoose Wearing Numpty”

by | July 3, 2019

Piers Morgan, the controversy-loving host of Good Morning Britain jabbed the celebrity-chef Gordon Ramsey for carrying son in a papoose. He shared a picture, where Ramsey could be seen carrying newborn son Oscar in a sling and wrote mocking comments. Morgan, this time as well didn’t lose a chance to bring veganism in between, alongside mocking the chef for using the sling. Find out more about it here.

Piers Morgan Calls Gordon Ramsay "Vegan Slathering Papoose Wearing Numpty"
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Piers Morgan Calls Gordon Ramsay “Vegan Slathering Papoose Wearing Numpty”

In a recent show of the classic Morgan-style criticism, the Good Morning Britain host took another dig at the British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey. This time because of a sling. And he didn’t spare veganism as well, as always.

Last time Morgan had to undergo the wrath of Twitter after he blatantly stereotyped men carrying children on a sling, and called the James Bond star- Daniel Craig ’emasculated.’

This time too he could not spare a dad proudly carrying his son on a sling and took offense after Gordon Ramsey. He shared a picture of the star-chef on Twitter and wrote:

Credit: @piersmorgan/ Twitter

“First he launches ‘Vegan Wellington’, now he’s wearing a papoose – what has happened to you ⁦@GordonRamsay⁩?!!!’

Clearly, this time as well, the GMB host didn’t spare Veganism alongside stereotyping men wearing a papoose to carry a child. And things didn’t end here, taking the mire he created to the morning show he hosts, Morgan branded Ramsey as “a vegan slathering papoose wearing numpty.”

Masculinity is way flexible to be ever threatened by sharing childcare duty

Last year, Piers Morgan was literally squished under the backlash of the internet, when he jabbed Daniel Craig, by sharing an image where the James Bond star was carrying his son on a papoose. The Good Morning Britain host attacked fathers as well for not carrying children in arms like ‘cavemen’ and stated they were ’emasculating’, media outlet Evening Standard reports. According to him, not wearing a sling is an “unashamedly masculine joy.”

“Carrying a baby is harder work, but worth it for the unashamedly masculine joy of NOT wearing a papoose,” the Broadcaster wrote on Twitter, blatantly stereotyping masculinity.

That Marvel Comic superhero star- Chris Evans joined the conversation, bashing Morgan: “You really have to be so uncertain of your own masculinity to concern yourself with how another man carries his child,” he wrote, adding those men are terrified on the inside, who attempts “quantifying masculinity.”

Earlier this year, Gordon Ramsey warmed up to veganism as he introduced a vegan dinner at his restaurant- Bread Street Kitchen. “Veganism is on the rise, we’ve got to adapt and I just have to eat a slice of humble pie,” Ramsey told, according to a media report.

Oscar is Gordon Ramsey’s fifth child. The couple is already a parent to 21 years old Megan, 19 years old twin Holy and Jack, and 17 years old Matilda.

What do you think about the latest rant by Piers Morgan? Let me know your thoughts in the comment below.

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