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Craving Vegan Strawberry And Cream? Wimbledon’s Iconic Treat Gets A Twist

by | July 2, 2019

The iconic British summer dessert served at the world’s oldest tennis tournament now has a more compassionate and healthier makeover. Thanks to the dairy-free plant-based option that Wimbledon fans will be able to relish from this year. The decision makes it a landmark in the 100 plus years in the history of the event. Craving for vegan strawberry and cream already?

Vegan Strawberry And Cream
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Craving Vegan Strawberry And Cream? Wimbledon’s Iconic Treat Gets A Twist

The championships, Wimbledon, or more colloquially called Wimbledon’s has been the world’s oldest running tennis championship. It began in the 19th century and one food that has been a part and parcel of the excited spectators since 1877 has been- strawberry and cream.

Now, keeping pace with the changing time, the iconic summer British delicacy served in the championship, for the first time in the history of the event gets a vegan makeover. Fans flocking the SW19 ground will now be able to opt for a vegan serving of the iconic dessert, media outlet Telegraph reports.

Craving Vegan Strawberry And Cream? Wimbledon’s Iconic Treat Gets A Twist

The vegan dessert will be made with soy cream this time, instead of dairy-based. The welcoming measure has been taking in order to keep up the menu at the tournament as “relevant” as possible, Wimbledon’s head of food & drinks Anthony Davies confirmed. He told the Telegraph

“Veganism and flexitarianism have seen massive growth over the last 12 months in the UK and therefore it seemed pretty obvious to us that we needed to address that in a number of ways but importantly, in our hero product and signature item.

“Clearly we need to respond to the UK market place.

“The vegan strawberries and cream is our biggest development this year and will impact the majority of people as it’s such an iconic dish.”

Anthony Davies via

Hand in Hand With the Flow

Mr. Davis acknowledged that it was in the previous year the first “conscious effort” to include vegan options in the site of the championships was taken, adding that, however, it wasn’t easy to find. But since veganism “ballooned,” it was imperative that Europe’s largest catering event reflected the preference.

Mr. Davis also made it a point to duly note, that the vegan dessert introduced has nothing to do with pressure from campaigner or spectators, it was but the simple adaptation to the change, that is far widely prevalent.

The Vegan Society appreciated the move, adding that it reflects the quadrupled increase of vegans in the UK, i.e, 1.6% of the population in four years. What do you think about the vegan strawberry and cream dessert? Let me know your thought in comments.

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