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Vegan Scotch Pie Comes to Glasgow-Based Rose & Grants Café

by | July 1, 2019

Keeping the Scottish favorite Scotch Pie “tasty as the original,” the Glasgow-based Rose & Grants Café has launched a mouthwatering delicacy veganizing the original version. According to the Café, the idea so far has been a hit. Check out the story below to see if this vegan scotch pie makes your mouth water too.

Vegan Scotch Pie
Credit: Rose & Grants/ Facebook

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Glasgow-Based Café Launches Vegan Scotch Pie and People Are Loving It

In 2016, Rose & Grants Café exceeded people’s expectations when launching their vegan square sausage sandwich. It was a plant-based version of the traditional Scottish breakfast food. Now, in 2019, the same café is again veganizing yet another Scottish delicacy – the Scotch pie.

According to media outlet Scotsman Food and Drink, the café has confirmed their new vegan Scotch pie is as tasty as the original.“We’ve been working on this for a while since our friends at Cooljerk stopped pie making. And we are very happy with the results,” the café wrote on Facebook. The new pie is also available ‘smothered in baked beans,’ Rose & Grants added.

Credit: Rose & Grants/ Facebook

The media news reported some people are questioning the accuracy of the namesake pie since it comes sans mutton. Joining the conversation, one person cheekily wrote, in order to avoid any hassle the café should name it “sheepless short crusts.”

According to the report, after one Facebook user confirmed the perishability of the vegan pie, Rose & Grants responded by stating the pie can be refrigerated up to a month from the date of purchase. Each pie costs £3 to purchase.

Vegan in Glasgow

Glasgow is considered a great place for vegans since there is widespread availability of plant-based foods in the city. In 2013, Glasgow was crowned PETA’s choice for the most vegan-friendly city in the UK.

Even more, a campaigner group ‘Go Vegan World,’ cited human rights law and challenged the decision of the East Renfrewshire school district, after a parent’s request to ensure plant-based food for kids in school was rejected. Last month, as a result, all schools in Glasgow were directed to serve plant-based meals as options to children who want it. Vegan food is now available to students across the region. Read the full article here.

What do you think about Rose & Grants Café’s new vegan Scotch pies? Do you want to try one? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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