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Vegans Call Pie Shop in the UK to Stop Displaying Roasted Pig to Public

by | June 28, 2019

A pie shop in Sheringham, UK, that sells pasties, sausage rolls, and pastries, has been reportedly called by vegans and animal rights activists to stop displaying their hog roasts to the public. The Vegan Society joined the conversation and stated an upsetting reaction to a dead corpse is healthy. Know more here.

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Vegans Call Pie Shop in the UK to Stop Displaying Roasted Pig to Public

Norfolk’s Pier shop in Sheringham, sells sausage rolls, pasties, and pastries. They have also been, for the last 14 years, serving whole hog roasts to local markets, every Saturday, the digital media outlet iNews reports.

According to the report, animal rights activists have called out to the pie shop asking them to stop displaying the pigs head outside their premise, out of the public eye, that had been touted by activists as “distressing and offensive.”

“Healthy reaction”

Certainly, it may not be eye candy to anybody, having to see a whole roasted head of a hog. The Vegan Society has reportedly joined the debate and stated that becoming upset at such a display of a body is a “healthy reaction.”

Dominika Piasecka, spokesperson for the Vegan Society also said “no one salivates or becomes hungry when they see a pig carcass,” she said, adding, this is because humans are ‘naturally inclined’ to look after animals and not exploit them. “Becoming distressed at a sight of a dead body is a healthy reaction,” she told.

Happy to Die?

However, Mrs. Mattocks, one of the owners of the pie shop apologized for offending someone, and to comfort them who are worried, she reportedly said the pigs sourced are “happy pigs from British farms.”

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It is not new that many can’t tolerate the sight of killing or a killed carcass. Singer and songwriter Paul McCartney rightly said that if slaughterhouses had glass walls, everybody would be vegetarian. And now, after knowing what the dairy and farm chickens and other egg-birds go though, it is fair to say a lot of people are turning into vegans.

Speaking about pigs, they’re dilapidated in factory farms. They’re kept in enclosures just a few inches big from their body, them barely able to move. This is just the tip of an ice-berg for the tortures they get.

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