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Boots to Ditch Plastic Bags and Choose Brown Paper Bags in Stores from 2020

by | June 27, 2019

The beauty and health chain, Boots has announced they will ditch plastic bags and instead opt for unbleached brown paper bags, gradually at all their stores from next year. In this way, the High Street store seeks to save 900 tonnes of single-use plastic a year. Read more about their plan to combat plastic pollution.

Boots to Ditch Plastic Bags and Choose Brown Paper Bags in Stores from 2020
Credit: @BootsUK/ Twitter

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High Street Giant Boots Announces Plan to Ditch Plastic Bags From 2020, Instead Opt for Brown Paper Bags

By opting to go with brown paper bags, the High Street health and beauty chain will save 40m plastic bags annually from use, thereby forbidding the 900 plus tonne of single-user plastic, the Guardian reports.

By early next year, all 2,485 Boots outlets will stop providing the environmentally damaging bags, and as of now, 53 of their outlets will already stop giving them at the checkout.

Depending on size, customers will be charged per unbleached paper bag ranging from 5p, 7p, and 10p. Although they don’t fall under the plastic bag tax, the company will extend the profits to BBC Children in Need, according to The Guardian.

Credit: @BootsUK/ Twitter
Boots to Ditch Plastic Bags

Louise Edge, head of Greenpeace UK’s ocean plastic campaign welcomed the move. However, she warned that retailers must consider the fact that by swapping plastic with paper, the concern shouldn’t shift from ocean to forest, suggesting that high-street chains should encourage customers to bring their own reusable versions and tackle the throwaway culture.

Credit: @BootsUK/ Twitter

“(…) it’s great to see a major high street brand like Boots listening to public concerns and ditching plastic bags,” she stated.

“Our new paper bags have been carefully tested to make sure that, over their entire life cycle, they are better for the environment, whilst still being a sturdy, practical option for customers who haven’t brought their own bags with them when shopping,” Boots UK’s marketing director Helen Normoyle said about the sustainability of their new plan.

What do you think about Boots’ step to ditch plastic bags? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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