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Those Puppy Eyes Are Heart- Melting For A Reason. Find Out Here

by | June 26, 2019

Does your fur-baby look at you with the most pleading eyes and your heart just melts? Well, as it turns out, that it is not just you who gets easily swayed by those soulful puppy eyes. Turns out your dog has evolved (like literally) to use those eyes as a weapon to get your attention, or maybe an extra treat. Not intentionally, but surely it works that way. Smarties, huh? Keep reading to know more.

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New Study Suggests Those Puppy Eyes Have Evolved to Adapt To Domestic Living With Humans

That, dogs although can’t speak but say with their eyes, is every bit true. Research by experts from the US and the UK show that dogs have anatomically adopted certain muscles on their face (levator anguli oculi medialis), around eyes, specifically for facial communication with humans, which as opposed to their closest living relativities- wolves can’t. Using that evolved muscle, they are able to raise their ‘inner eyebrows’ more intensely, the study notes. In simple terms, the classic “puppy dog eyes,” which has long been your weakness, is a result of evolution.

A team of evolutionary psychologists and anatomists reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that dogs are capable of doing their faces more often and way more intensely than wolves. According to National Geographic, centuries of domestication has ‘unintentionally’ yet radically changed the dogs ‘eyebrow anatomy,’ thereby making their faces more readable to humans. The study, however, doesn’t believe that dogs do this intentionally to manipulate humans. Moreover, the matter of puppy eyes was able to hit the complex process in which humans function to care-give infants.

“There’s no evidence that dogs move this [eyebrow] muscle intentionally, but it creates an exaggerated movement that for us means ‘dog,” study leader Juliane Kaminski, mentioned, who is a psychologist at the University of Portsmouth in the U.K.

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The eyes of the dog appear larger, infant-like, resembling a human when sad

According to the study, behavioral data shows that dogs make their faces significantly ‘more often’, and ‘with higher intensity’ than wolves. The study stated that the highest intensity movement was made exclusively by a dog.

The Classic “Puppy Eyes”

But why? You may not be aware, but often your four-legged companion manipulates you to feed him/her an extra helping of their favorite treat or an extra mile of walking, by using the puppy dog eyes. And those puppy dog eyes are the specified movement of their inner eyebrows, triggering an expression resembling a sad human, making their eyes appear larger and ‘infant-like’ thereby potentially triggering a ‘nurturing response’ from the humans, the study notes.

Watch this hilarious video of a Dachshund puppy and check out how much a dog is capable of expressing through their eyes. Their eyes can say so much that voice-over by a human can easily look coherent. The video got some 153,894 views on youtube. See for yourself below.

What do you think about the new study? How many times have you been manipulated by the puppy dog eyes of your fur-baby? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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