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Encounter the Unmissable Beauty of the Plant-based Humble Pizza in London

by | June 25, 2019

A new vegan cafe called Humble Pizza opened its doors to the public in the English capital. Built on the antiquity of the iconic ‘Formica Caffs’ (the term for the iconic architecture of coffee bars in London built by Italian immigrants) from the 1950s, the eatery equally boasts a contemporary style. What will surely grab the attention will be the ‘millennial pink’ hue, in which the eatery features. Not to forget the awesome vegan food available. Keep reading to find out more about this Instagram-ready pizzeria of London.

Plant-based Humble Pizza
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Plant-based Humble Pizza Opened Its Doors in the King’s Road, London, and You Can’t Get Enough of the Interior

You’ll definitely fall in love with this plant-based cafe from the moment you see the interior. Besides the delicious vegan pizzas, you’ll fall in love with the unforgettable design that is done in reference to the classic British pop culture.

The vegan pizzeria located at King’s Road is externally donned in a picturesque hue of pink called ‘millennial pink,’ a shade that the cafe’s designers- London-based Child Studio has reportedly opted for the classic-inspired plant-based cafe.

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Humble Pizza’s designers Chieh Huang and Alexey Kostikov of Child Studio took inspiration from the iconic ‘British vernacular postwar architecture,’ the ‘Formica caffs’ from the 1950s, according to Child Studio website. They fused the antiquity of the 1950s to that with a sleek, minimalist and modern aesthetics of the contemporary culture, creating the 1200 square foot space into an Instagram-ready station. Media outlet VegNews states this pizzeria could be the “world’s most Instagrammable vegan eatery.”

“We have long been attracted to the cinematic quality of London’s ‘Formica cafés,” says the designers who made the interiors, further stating “the duality of Modernist design language and the playful, almost cartoonish spirit.”

Chieh Huang and Alexey Kostikov of Child Studio via
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After the millennial pink, comes millennial plant-based cuisines. Humble Pizza will reportedly serve modern plant-based dishes such as a number of salads and soups (served on pink dishes) and pizzas of which the base will be made of cauliflower, and toppings ranging from saffron and asparagus, truffles and mushrooms, vegan mozzarella, shaved potatoes, and mushrooms.

What do you think about this Instagram-ready plant-based pizzeria in London? Let me know in comments.

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