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Canada Bans Shark Fin Import and Export; Becomes First G7 Nation To Do So

by | June 24, 2019

Much to the delight of animal rights activists, Canada bans shark fin trade, thereby, becoming the first G7 (as well as G20 member) country in the world to put such a comprehensive ban. Not only does this landmark bill prohibit the cruel trade in the Canadian waters, but it will also bar any sort of import and export of shark fins. Keep reading to know more.

Canada Bans Shark Fin Import and Export; Becomes First G7 Nation to Do So
Credit: @HumaneSociety/ Twitter

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Canada Bans Shark Fin Trade; Becomes the First Country in the World to Ban its Import and Export

The Bill C-68, passed by legislation amends the nations Fisheries Act. It bans the import and export, as well as any sort of shark finning trade in the Canadian waters, according to reports. Shark finning, which involves mercilessly chopping off the fins of a shark and throwing the body of the animal back into the water to die, was already banned in Canada since 1994, according to Financial Post. However, there has been extraction of shark fins from outside waters through importing them, and China reportedly has been the largest importer. The ban makes Canada the first G7 nation to do so, and the bill is awaiting royal assent.

Credit: @HumaneSociety/ Twitter
Canada Bans Shark Fin Trade

According to the United Nations, as many as 73 million sharks lose their lives each year, for the demand of their fins. Shark fins have been in high demand in Asian countries, for they are considered a delicacy, the Guardian reports. Canada, outside Asia, has been the largest market for shark fins in the world. Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans, and the Canadian Coast Guard spoke about the ban and told that legislation stands as the epitome of “Canadian leadership on the conservation of our oceans.” Wilkinson was further quoted as saying-

“Shark finning is an unquestionably destructive practice, which is contributing to the global decline of sharks and posing an ongoing threat to ocean ecosystems.”

Jonathan Wilkinson via

The executive director of HSI/Canada- Rebecca Aldworth stated: “This decision marks a sea change for the welfare and conservation of sharks and is a victory all Canadians can be proud of.”

Sharks are Important

As Canada bans shark fin trade, it turns out to be not just a humane decision towards conserving the animals, but it is also equally important to preserve the ecological balance of the oceans. They’re the apex predator, meaning sharks are almost always at the top of the food chain of every ocean, the Shark Savers states.

Just recently, Canada also banned wild capturing, captivity and breeding of whales, dolphins, and porpoises in their Captivity of Whales and Dolphins Act.

What do you think about this victorious ban on shark fin trade by Canada? Comment your thoughts below.

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