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Woman Credits Vegan Diet For Her Age-Defying Looks and Her Dog’s Health

by | June 21, 2019

A woman from Hampshire credits her vegan diet for her age-defying looks and “really good skin.” She has so much faith in the cruelty-free diet she follows that she weaned her Chihuahua off the carnivorous diet too. She believes this has been beneficial for her dog as well. Know more here.

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Hampshire Woman Credits Vegan Diet for Her Age-Defying Looks

She is usually mistaken for her actual age and is often thought to be 10-15 years younger. “I look a lot younger than I am too,” says Alice, adding “People usually pitch me at least 10 to 15 years younger.”

Alice Austin-Grant, 37, from Hayling Island, Hampshire, is a mother of three, and a fur-baby Diesel, the vegan Chihuahua. She believes because of the plant-based diet she follows, she looks much younger than she actually is. And Alice has reportedly weaned her dog as well into rejecting meat and claims that Diesel’s diet makes him much healthier than other ‘stinky dogs,’ according to the reports.

However, Alice does credit her ‘good genes’ as well, that she inherits from her mum, but largely she feels her diet makes her feel energetic, according to reports.

A Thriving Vegan Fur Baby

She feels very confident about feeding a vegan diet to her dog, despite facing criticism from sceptics. She says the coat of her dog ‘glistens’ in sunlight and that “it looks like glitter.” She mentioned Diesel goes to vet regularly, has the right weight, “teeth are in good nick,” never passes bad wind, and has tons of energy. Her dog loves tofu, pasta, couscous and seaweed treats.

Alice agreed that she used to worry about Diesel’s diet whom she has been feeding plant-based foods since he was 8-weeks old. But now she is convinced, as she says “he’s just so healthy and has got so much energy that I don’t worry about his diet now.” She added-

“If his coat had started to deteriorate then I would have questioned what I was feeding him. I know that his diet must be really good if his coat is this good so I don’t worry about it now.”

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What do you think about Alice and Diesel’s faith in a vegan diet? Have you seen improvement in your skin after going vegan? Let me know in comments.

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  1. Kari
    June 21st, 2019 @ 12:18 pm

    For many years, after working in the dog food industry, I thought that raw meat was the only way for dogs, but after a lot of reserch, I now know differently. Most dogs can thrive on the right vegan diet and it’s much better than feeding the questionable ingredients that go into ‘dog food’ or meat meant for dogs. My only regret is that I didn’t put my dogs that have passed away on a vegan diet to see how they would have done.

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