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Study Predicts Radical Shift to Lab-Grown Or Plant-Based Meat by 2040

by | June 17, 2019

A new report by global consultancy AT Kearney predicts in the next two decades, the meat industry will no longer be dependent on raising and killing animals. According to the report, as much as 60 percent of meat will either be grown in labs or will be plant-based. By 2040, people will consume lab-grown or plant-based meat replicating the look and feel of animal-derived meat, the Guardian reports.

Plant-Based Meat
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Study Predicts Radical Shift to Lab-Grown Or Plant-Based Meat by 2040

AT Kearney is a global consultancy, and the report is based on expert interviews according to the Guardian. The report boldly states alternatives are evolving exponentially with the potential to “disrupt the multibillion-dollar global meat industry.”

The study sheds light on the important aspects of raising livestock; such as feeding them enormous shares of the global harvest to derive their meat. The meat produced, and ultimately consumed by humans, is much less compared to the harvest consumed by livestock. Whereas, “we could feed around twice as many humans with today’s global harvest if we did not feed livestock but rather consumed the yield ourselves,” the study notes. If instead of feeding just livestock, the same global harvest was given to humans, it could feed another 7 billion people (alongside the current world population of 7.6 billion humans), the report writes.

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The report by AT Kearney subdivides the share of different sources in the future and predicts 35% of all meat by 2040 will be cultured, along with 25% as a vegan plant-based meat replacement. It also states, not only the meat industry, but advanced biotechnology methods will disrupt “the complete food industry as products such as milk, egg white, gelatin, and fish can be created with similar technology,” the report notes. It further mentioned cultured or lab-grown meat will rule in the long run due to how identical the alternatives are to animal-derived meat.

Regarding the multi-billion dollar conventional meat industry disruption by lab-grown and plant-based meat alternatives, the report predicts the changes will be “supported by a general shift” due to regulatory measure and new trends in living a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

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