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Vegan Burger Joint ‘Slutty Vegan’ Expands; Acquires New Spot in Jonesboro

by | June 13, 2019

Famous Atlanta-based vegan burger joint, Slutty Vegan, has acquired a new location in Jonesboro, GA – manifesting their highly popular business into a second new brick and mortar location. The City of Jonesboro lately announced its acquisition on their Facebook page. Know more about Slutty Vegan’s new opening here.

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Vegan Burger Joint ‘Slutty Vegan’ Acquires New Location in Jonesboro

The news came after the Facebook page, for the City of Jonesboro Government, announced the property acquisition by the vegan burger joint officially. “You’ve asked for restaurants downtown and we are bringing them to you!” wrote the Facebook post cheerfully asking everyone to stop by the business and welcome them to the community. The post currently has garnered approximately 594 shares. People received the news, congratulating and welcoming their onset in the comments section.

slutty vegan
Credit: City of Jonesboro Government/ Facebook

Slutty Vegan, as a vegan eatery, started its journey back in 2018 and soon climbed the ladder of success. Pinky Cole’s venture was initially based on social media orders and gradually expanded as a food truck in Atlanta selling vegan burgers with their secret recipe sauce, according to reports. Slutty Vegan’s first brick and mortar location opened its doors early this year in Westview in southwest Atlanta and grew in popularity. A surprising 1200 meatless burgers were reportedly sold in the store on opening day. It still rolls the city on four wheels – check out their announcement on Instagram at 3 pm each day.  

“You can really taste the flavor”

Speaking to the local media outlet 11alive, Pinky Cole said, “It is the seasonings that we curate together to really make our food next level.” She explained how anyone could heat a patty, but what makes their burgers unique is their seasoning which brings out the ‘Caribbean flair’ infused with ‘southern bites’ enabling people to ‘really taste the flavor.’

Credit: sluttyveganatl/ Instagram

The new location in the Clayton County city in south Atlanta will be their second physical location. Pinky Cole’s mission with her venture was to make vegan food accessible to communities which otherwise don’t have the opportunity. Are you excited for the new upcoming brick and mortar location? Do you eat at Slutty Vegan regularly? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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