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Get Ready To Buy Vegan Meat At The First Vegan Butcher Shop In Las Vegas

by | June 6, 2019

A vegan butcher shop is about to open in Las Vegas, Nevada making the “entertainment capital of the world’ one of the few cities in the United States to debut a plant-based meat store. Know more about it here.

Get Ready To Buy Vegan Meat At The First Vegan Butcher Shop In Las Vegas
Credit: NoButcher/ Facebook

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NoButcher to Open a Vegan Butcher Shop in Las Vegas Early This Fall

‘It is official!’ NoButcher, a plant-based meat & cheese maker, posted on their Facebook page. They are proudly heralding their upcoming new store- a plant-based cruelty-free butcher shop and deli, first in kind for Las Vegas (and one of the few in the whole US).

NoButcher makes and sells an array of vegan meats and cheeses at many regional restaurants. It is going to have their brick and mortar manifestation soon. Although an announcement regarding the location hasn’t been made yet, they plan to open the store to the public three months from now.

Credit: NoButcher/ Facebook
Vegan Butcher shop

As per their announcements, a lot of ‘build-outs’ are yet to be done. If you’re a vegan who lives in or is planning to visit, Las Vegas the joy is all yours!

What do they Deal With?


NoButcher specializes in vegan meat-based offerings, which they claim are low fat, not highly processed and are sans cholesterol, hormones, and artificial flavors. The company makes an array of vegan meats and cheeses which are served in other vegan eateries across Las Vegas like ‘Go Vegan Cafe (Southwest),’ ‘Joe Maxx Coffee Company (near Henderson),’ and ‘Pure Health Store (near Summerlin).’

Love for Face-to-Face Interaction

Speaking to media outlet Vegans Baby, Co-Owner of NoButcher, Alecia Ghilarducci, stated in the first year since their debut, they’ve ‘tested and perfected’ their products; getting a feel of what their customers desire. They sold ‘mostly wholesale,’ not knowing where their business would lead to. She said adding, after hosting pop-ups and vending, they’ve realized their love for ‘face-to-face’ interaction and therefore needed to open their own shop.


The new upcoming spot will reportedly feature a 20 guest seating arrangement. The vegan butcher will feature products such as housemade side dishes like potato salad and other classic deli favorites – all veganized. Of course, there will be vegan meat and cheese in stock.

What do you think about the upcoming vegan butcher shop? Let me know your thoughts below.

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