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Thinking the Unthinkable? KFC (US) Thinking About Vegan Fried Chicken

by | June 1, 2019

It has not been long since reports about KFC testing a vegan fried chicken in their super-secret testing kitchen in the UK surfaced. It’s great to see such things happening, and why not? After all, it is good for health, good for the planet and good for meek little animals. No wonder KFC, US has started pondering on a possible vegan chicken in the United States as well. Know more about it here.

vegan fried chicken
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KFC’s US President Reconsiders Potential for Vegan Fried Chicken

Vegan meat is surely the demand of the time. We’ve seen some of the biggies of the food industry to overhaul their vegan menu into more expansive offerings, thanks to demands. Del Taco, Burger King, Chick-fill-A among others have incorporated plant-based meats in their menus to cater to the growing vegans.

When it comes to KFC, hugely popular for ‘fried chicken,’ things were different. Until recently. Because the president of KFC’s US division, Kevin Hochman while speaking to Business Insider, spoke about his reconsiderations about what he thought ‘unthinkable’ six months back (Yes, I am subtly referring to a potential juicy vegan fried chicken from KFC). The president of KFC, US stated that if he was to be questioned about a vegan fried chicken six months back, his answer would have been ‘no,’ he said, adding, KFC is all about fried chicken.

But now things are different. Kevin while speaking to the business media outlet mentioned that if the current hype surrounding Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat continues to strive, KFC will ‘certainly’ test vegan meat alternative in the US, as per the report. He also revealed that he has been in talks with some ‘big guys’ to figure out “what does alternative protein look like in chicken?”

The Taste of the Vegan Meat?

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Not once, but many times meat lovers were baffled with the identical taste, texture, and flavor of some plant-based meat products available. They’re equally good minus the heart-wrenching effects such foods otherwise have on animals. A recent review of a vegan hot dog by UK brand Moving Mountains earned some serious thumbs up in a Washington Post review. According to the reviewer, the vegan hot dog was “better than most pork (and beef-based) hot dogs.”

Similarly, a Business Insider review on Del Taco’s Beyond Meat based tacos earned the product great reviews as well. I guessed they’d say this- they stated- “Frankly if we didn’t know that the Beyond Taco uses a mixture of plant-based ingredients instead of beef, we would not have even noticed that difference.” The review went on and on, praising the product’s beef-like texture and spice-balance. Not to mention Burger King’s vegan Impossible Whopper’s glowing review by Eric Bohl. Understandably, Kevin Hochman of KFC, US said-

“Never say never. I would have said never six months ago.

“Now, I’ve really re-thought that. We’re going to learn more about that.

“…It still feels a little early, but we’re going to learn about it.”

KFC United States President Kevin Hochman via

Which plant-based meat option is your favorite? What do you think about KFC’s potential new vegan chicken in the US? Let me know in comments.

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