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Washington Post Reviews Vegan Hot Dog; Says ‘Heck, It’s better than most’

by | May 25, 2019

A vegan hot dog manufactured by the United Kingdom-based Moving Mountains apparently won the heart of the reviewer at Washington Post. He praised the incredibly similar-to-the-original, veganized version of hot dog for its taste, texture, and smokiness. Read on to know more about the review below.

Washington Post Reviews Vegan Hot Dog; Says ‘Heck, It’s better than most’
Credit: @MMountainsFoods/ Twitter

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Vegan Hot Dog Apparently Won the Heart of Washington Post Reviewer. Says ‘heck, it’s better than most’

Moving Mountains is the name associated with Britain’s debut meatless bleeding burger. The company recently put their food tech skills into expansion, landing onto a brilliant plant-based hot dog. The 10-inch long dog employs some serious flavors using sunflower oil, paprika, coconut oil, and other ingredients like onions. The hot dog was launched back in 10th May at London’s Unity Dinner, which was scheduled to be publicly available gradually.

In a recent review at Washington Post titled- “Can a vegan hot dog compete with the real thing? This company is banking on it,” the reviewer can be seen all praises for the plant-based hot dog.  The review started saying that the product certainly looked and smelled right. Elaborating further, the review claimed if one won’t know the product is meat-free, one wouldn’t guess either, adding “It’s miles ahead of most vegan hot dogs — heck, it’s better than most pork (and beef-based) hot dogs, even down to the texture and the snap when you first bite into it.”

Moving Mountain’s Vegan Hot Dog

As opposed to traditional vegan hot dogs that use ingredients like falafel and pea protein, the vegan iteration of Moving Mountains harnesses sunflower and coconut oil. This reportedly enables the product to react similarly like an animal flesh while producing, notes Washington Post. Simeon Van der Molen, founder of Moving Mountains said to The Guardian that they look forward to ‘make hot dogs desirable again,’ adding-

Credit: @MMountainsFoods/ Twitter

“We use sunflower seeds to deliver an identical taste and texture, which is a more sustainable food option for our health and the health of the planet.”

Simeon Van der Molen via

This is not the first time a vegan meat-based product shone in the reviews. Some even topping their meat-based brethren’s. A review by meat lobbyist- Eric Bohl on Impossible Whopper stated the vegan burger jointly made by Impossible Foods and Burger King was 95% meat-accurate. After he could barely find any difference between the vegan and meat-based product, he even went on to say “if farmers and ranchers think we can mock and dismiss these products as a passing fad, we’re kidding ourselves.” Now, that is some serious praise to a vegan burger, and rightfully so!

What do you think about Moving Mountains’ vegan hot dog baffling eaters with ultra-real and meaty taste and texture? Have you tried one? Let me know your experience in comments.

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