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Vegan Schools Around the World: Veggie Tots Mindful Vegan Childcare

by | May 24, 2019

In today’s edition of vegan schools around the world, let’s take you to one in Columbia that’s enrolling right now…

Located in Columbia, Maryland, VeggieTots Mindful Vegan Childcare opened in April 2019 & is currently enrolling. VeggieTots Childcare was established as a vegan & plant-based daycare & preschool from its inception. Raise Vegan had the opportunity recently to chat with VeggieTots founder & owner Kimberlee Brown

VeggieTots Mindful Vegan Childcare Mission:

A place where vegan children can learn and grow in a safe, caring and holistic environment that only serves plant-based meals and supports all the values of a vegan lifestyle. Owned and operated by a vegan of over 10 years and a certified, master degreed teacher.

Vegan Schools Around the World: Veggie Tots Mindful Vegan Childcare
Image: Kimberlee Brown, VeggieTots Childcare
Vegan Schools Around the World: Veggie Tots Mindful Vegan Childcare

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Vegan Schools Around the World: Veggie Tots Mindful Vegan Childcare

Here are the excerpts from the interview.

We are excited to learn about VeggieTots Mindful Vegan Childcare but first can you share with us a bit about your own background & path to veganism?

Kimberlee: I’m originally from Bermuda and have always loved animals and been a huge veggie and fruit eater, and minimal meat. My family is Seventh Day Adventist. I do not practice this faith anymore but it had a huge influence on the way I was raised to eat. I totally went vegan overnight when my mother sent me a video of undercover footage from a slaughterhouse and I vowed never to eat or consume any form of animal products again and began educating myself.

Image: Kimberlee Brown, VeggieTots Childcare

What was the inspiration for including veganism as part of the ethos for your school?

Kimberlee: There’s no way to dispute the research that shows a plant-based diet is the best form of eating for the healthiest body and mind. Raising a child a true vegan promotes empathy, love, care for our planet and animals and for themselves.

Image by VeggieTots Childcare

What are some of the unique programs offered at VeggieTots Childcare?

Kimberlee: Yoga, aromatherapy environment, organic vegan home cooked and Whole Foods and the love and appreciation for nature.

Image by VeggieTots Childcare
Sample Weekly Menu
Image: Kimberlee Brown, VeggieTots Childcare

What sets VeggieTots Childcare apart from other childcare programs?

Kimberlee: Having been a public school teacher with a Masters Degree, who has taught elementary, as well as having been a middle school nutrition and culinary teacher, I bring this experience to my program as well as proven health benefits in my own life from being a vegan for over 10 years so I’ve worked out all the kinks and know what it takes to provide a healthy diet where children can flourish and not be concerned about some common issues that vegan parents may face at their child’s developmental checkups.

Image: Kimberlee Brown, VeggieTots Childcare

I also am an avid yogi and love the outdoors and feel that despite my traditional education experience, very young children learn best through play, with guidance and interaction not from being told to sit for periods of time with paper to pencil. Their brains and bodies flourish with the right fuel and hands-on activities within a natural and stimulating environment.

On the spiritual aspects of the ethos of veganism & being in the role of an educator, Kimberlee noted:

“I feel like God put me into teaching just so I could use it to train up new vegans.”

Kimberlee Brown

Have you been to any of the vegan schools we covered so far? What was the experience like? Comment below.

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