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Vegan Tuna Debuts in the UK Harnessing Supermarket Morrisons

by | May 23, 2019

The vegan tuna as you can guess- is a plant-based alternative to the hugely popular fish. ‘Tuno’, as the vegan adaptation of the original tinned fish is called, has already hit the shelves in the US as well as Australia. It was a hit. Now, it is the United Kingdom’s turn. UK supermarket Morrisons claims they’re the first in the nation to bring the veganized alternative of tuna. Know more here.

Vegan Tuna Debuts in the UK Harnessing Supermarket Morrisons
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Morrisons becomes the first Major Retailer in the UK to retail Vegan Tuna

The ‘Lomo Linda’ brand owned by Atlantic Natural Foods offers the same look, feel and experience as of a regular tuna and of course, it is 100% cruelty-free and made from plants. Available in few crave-able variants, Lomo Linda Tuno has been on the shelves of the US and Australia retailers from quite some time. And now, it is the United Kingdom’s time. Major retailer, Morrisons has taken to launch the UK’s one of the most sought after sandwich filler- tuna, in its vegan avatar.


Tuno employs natural flavorings to invoke the realism of original canned tuna and is crafted using soy protein. Delivering 100 calories per serving, the fishless ‘fish’ is no slouch when it comes to protein. The product is packed into a similar packaging as of conventional tinned tuna, just that the word ‘tuna’ is ‘Tuno’ here, according to multiple reports. Vegan Tuno goes equally well as your favorite filling or any other way a person would prefer.


Starting this week, Lomo Linda Tuno will be gracing the UK supermarket shelves at Morrisons and the according to HuffPost, they claim to be the first major retailer in the UK to boast the same. The product will be available in the following options- Thai Sweet Chili, Spring Water, Sesame & Ginger, Mayo and Lemmon pepper. They are available in 142g cans retailing at £1.30 each. You can also go for the on-the-go option weighting 85g, states news outlet The Irish Post.

Tuna is reportedly one in the top 10 UK’s most favorite filling and looks like these vegan tuna options will truly give a tough challenge to the traditional ones. Speaking about the Lomo Linda product, Morrison’s buying manager Rob Wilson told-

“TUNO provides a convincing alternative for sandwiches, pasta and salads.

“We have listened to so many customers who want an easy alternative to tuna, that’s high in protein and can be used in much the same way.”

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Vegan Tuna A Slap to Fish Industry?

There has been quite a lot of upheaval surrounding how the vegan iterations of the conventional foods are named. Starting with ‘milk’ and ‘meat’ till ‘tuna.’ Recently, chief executive officer of Seafood Industry Australia allegedly told that veganized tuna is a ‘slap’ to the face of the fishing industry. She argued that selling plant-based seafood using such tactics is ‘misleading,’ reported ABC News.


“The packaging looks so similar, the text is similar, there’s only one letter different than the correct spelling of tuna.”

Jane Lovell via

Do you think vegan tuna is misleading? Tuna sourcing, like every other fishing, is dotted with cruelty. According to PETA, Japanese tuna anglers intentionally kills dolphins because they eat tuna. What do you think? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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