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Edinburgh Set to Debut 100% Vegan Grocery Store This Summer

by | May 22, 2019

Coming this summer, vegans of Leith in Edinburgh, Scotland are in for a pleasant surprise. An all-new, and 100% vegan store, is set to open in the Scotland city. Reflecting the phenomenal growth in demand for vegan products, the store will open doors to the convenience of vegans in the neighborhood and beyond. Know more here.

Edinburg Set to Get its 100% Vegan Grocery Shop This Summer
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A Brand New and 100% Vegan Store Set to Open in Leith

If you’re a vegan living in Leith – rejoice! A 100% vegan grocery store will open its doors this summer; catering to thousands of vegans in the region. The all-vegan store will enable folks to grab culinary goods without the concern for the presence of any animal-based ingredients. Indeed a huge relief for many! The opening of the store, to the thriving vegans in the area, is something much deserved.

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The store will stock every kind of vegan meat along with a host of other plant-based groceries, reports Edinburgh Live. According to the media outlet, the store plans to open August this year located at Easter Road. The owner of the store, Alasdair Corbett, reportedly confirmed the news via Facebook, and has started a voting poll to determine its name. The name ‘Easter Greens’ has gained preference so far. Corbett said-

“Opens August 2019 at 4 Easter Road, Edinburgh.

“New 100 percent vegan shop selling fruit, vegetables, vegan cheese, mock meats, tasty vegan snacks and all sorts of other amazing plant-based groceries.”

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Leith – A Vegan’s Haven

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Undoubtedly, the United Kingdom has appeared to spearhead the vegan movement. People of all ages, including children, actively participate in the worldwide initiative toward a better future. Similar to the grocery store, a vegan pop-shop is set to open on July 1 at the Leith Walk Police Box. There you’ll be able can grab plant-based snacks and street foods such pastries, according to reports.

We hope to see more vegan-exclusive shops pop-up across the world! This will not only give non-vegans a chance to discover delicious plant-based foods, but will at the same time create a great convenience for vegans.

Are you excited for Leith’s grocery store opening? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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