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H&M to Cease Cashmere by 2020 After Horrors of the Industry Revealed

by | May 21, 2019

Global fashion giant H&M announces that it will stop selling cashmere-infused products by the fall of next year. The announcement comes after People for Ethical Treatment of Animals revealed terrifying practice by the cashmere industry and the toll it takes on the meek herbivores. Know more here.

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Fashion Giant H&M to Ditch Cashmere by the End of 2020 after PETA revealed The Macabre Practices of Cashmere Industry

Ninety percent of the world’s cashmere is produced by two nations- China and Mongolia together. But little would you know that the cashmere sweater you adore has nothing but pain and suffering linked to its derivation. Now it comes following the revelation by PETA, H&M has announced that it will cease accepting orders for cashmere products by the end of 2020. It states in its official statement on their website-

“H&M will stop placing orders on conventional cashmere at the end of next year. While cashmere is popular for its soft texture and known as a high-quality material, it comes with both environmental and animal welfare challenges.

“If the cashmere industry in the future would meet our sustainability criteria, we could consider turning to virgin cashmere again.”

H&M on

But this doesn’t end their ever-great quality in their offering, as the company added that they will continue to “look at alternatives with an equally great feel and value” like cashmere but sans the ‘environmental impact.” Indeed a commendable step was taken by an outfit retailer. H&M which is reportedly the world’s second-largest clothing retailer no wonder puts a ban on the ‘conventional’ cashmere, the only kind it sells.

You Will Be Devastated to See What Goes Behind Cashmere

Credit: Screenshot from PETA/ Youtube

The PETA expose reveals the terrifying practice associated with cashmere production in China and Mongolia, the two world’s largest markets. The video shows how mercilessly the goats are manhandled, giving them numerous nicks and cuts in the process. The fur is ripped from their body using a tool, without any pain relief to the meek animals. The goats, who’re possibly devastated from their instincts, refusing to go to the spot, can be seen pulled forcefully.

Credit: Screenshot from PETA/ Youtube

After settling them, they will rip off their fur, giving them scalds and cuts, (while they’ll be writhing in pain) which will be treated by just pouring some rice vinegar and no professional vet care. And finally, the goats which will be not of any use to them will be taken down in the cruelest ways possible. All these will end into cheap meat sold in the markets. We urge readers to avoid buying cashmere at any cost. Since 90% of the cashmere comes from Mongolia and China, where the relentless abuse is done.

Credit: Screenshot from PETA/ Youtube

What do you think about H&M’s decision? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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