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British Food Tech Brand Moving Mountains to Launch Vegan Hot Dogs

by | May 3, 2019

British food makers Moving Mountains offers a delicious range of food that’s suitable for vegans. The company’s name is also behind the UK’s first meatless ‘bleeding’ burger and now they’re stepping their game up with the launch of UK’s first realistic plant-based vegan hot dogs on 10th May. Know more here.

vegan hot dogs
Credit: @MMountainsFoods/ Twitter

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Moving Mountains to Launch the UK’s first Real Meat-like Vegan Hot Dogs

British food tech brand that sells and develops different meat-like treats for vegans and vegetarians is on its way to pace up the game with the launch of the UK’s first realistic meat-like hotdog sans meat after launching Uk’s first plant-based ‘bleeding’ burger some time ago. According to Vegconomist, the product will exactly look, feel and taste like meat and is reportedly going to launch at Unity Diner at London on May 10th, however, the product will be available for retail later this year.

Credit: @MMountainsFoods/ Twitter

The company has reportedly teamed up with a non-profit vegan institute- Unity Diner founded by United Kingdom’s famous vegan activist Earthling Ed. The exclusive event of launching what they’re calling a “mind-blowingly meaty, meatless hot dog” is scheduled to take place on May 10th.

Plant-based Vegan Hot Dogs, Unlike Any

There may be quite a few plant-based hot dogs available in the market, but where Moving Mountains product will stand apart is in the use of complex technology in the R&D of the product. According to Vegconomist, ‘food technology,’ ‘specialized machines’ and ‘incredible scientific process’ has been put to use along with harnessing local ingredients over years to land into the perfect Hot Dog that competes with pork in terms of smell, taste, and texture.

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The product reportedly larger than the other similar products in the market will retail at a 50% discount of the original price during the launch event with some other drool-worth accompaniments like caramelized onions and mustard on hot buns.

Moving Mountains-
“Together we can move mountains”

The cruelty-free and plant-based brand’s namesake is a powerful metaphor in itself, entailing the idea of creating sustainable foods that otherwise seem impossible (hence moving mountains metaphor). Moving Mountains is the name behind the UK’s first meatless bleeding burger too.

Founder of Moving Mountains and a vegan- Simeon Van der Molen says-

“We can’t wait to unveil our world exclusive Moving Mountains Hot Dog at Unity Diner (…)

“Our latest food tech innovation proves that you don’t need a pig to make a dog (…).”

Simeon Van der Molen via

What do you think about mouthwatering plant-based vegan hot dogs? If you’re in London, would you visit the May 10th Event? Let me know in comments.

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