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North America’s Largest Plant Based Protein Factory in the Making

by | April 19, 2019

Canada-based Maple Leaf Foods, with its subsidiary Green Leaf Foods, has reportedly planned to invest a humongous $300 million on a plant-based protein facility. According to the company, the future is plant-based. Such a scale of construction is dubbed as North America’s largest plant based protein facility.

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Maple Leaf Foods to invest $310 Million in U.S Plant Based Protein Market

Originally from Canada, Maple Leaf Foods has acquired the leading U.S. brands for frozen or refrigerated plant-protein products. Lightlife and Field Roast are owned by Maple Leaf Foods.

According to the company officials, they have chosen the United States for their newest venture. “The U.S. is a logical location for this new facility as more than 95% of the Lightlife and Field Roast business is in the U.S. today,” reported the Toronto Sun.

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Plant based protein

The company, along with its subsidy, Green Leaf Foods, has announced plans to build a facility spanning an area of 230,000 square feet at a location about 50 km from Indianapolis, in Shelbyville, Indiana. In addition, the company has also announced an investment of $26 million for the ongoing development of the facilities.

According to Toronto Sun, “By establishing a large-scale North American network, we will continue to meet rapidly growing demand for protein alternatives and create a centre of excellence for innovation,” said Michael H. McCain, CEO of Maple Leaf Foods in a conference call to investors. He said plant-derived protein is on the verge of going mainstream, thanks to the “incredible growth potential.”

When will it start?

Construction of the facility is set to begin late spring 2019, and the productions are supposed to start in the fourth quarter of 2020, supposedly employing as many as 460 employees. ith this new plant, the company’s production is expected to double.

What are your views on such a massive plant based protein factory development by a food producer? Let me know in the comments below.  

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