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Only for Vegans Rental Home in Australia Sparks Controversy

by | May 2, 2019

A spacious four bedroom property left to rent at a Melbourne suburb in Australia explicitly specifies the preference of the landlord for their would-be tenant. The notice forbids anybody apart from vegans to apply for rent. Know more about the only for vegans rental home that sparked controversy lately.

only for vegans rental home
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Only for Vegans Rental Home in Australia Sparks Controversy

“House is only for vegan family and no other food or beverages allowed in the house,”  read the advertisement for the property at a Melbourne suburb in southeastern Frankston that was to let. The advertisement was put on Gumtree, a platform for classified ads and it clearly mentioned the granular specification of the tenants who can apply. The same has reportedly become an unwanted source of outrage and controversy, reports the 9News Australia. The advertisement has since then been removed from the classified portal.


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A prospective tenant and a struggling new mom Janice was reportedly looking for another property she could rent. Her current landlord was selling the property, hence her lookout. But the advertisement was allegedly a slap to her face since in a needy condition when her current landlord was preparing to sell the property, the new mum was finding it difficult to secure one and that she was not even eligible to apply for the only for vegans rental home.

“Why should I be discriminated against just because I like pork roast?” she said, adding, “Anyone in this company should be allowed to apply for a rental.”

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Janice was supported by other locals in the area and also countered by vegan psychologist Claire Mann, who reportedly spoke in support of the landlord. He said, “If I allow people in an area I have control over to come into my home and give me earnings from … the suffering of animals, I don’t want any part of it,” said Mann, adding that veganism is a philosophy that ‘underpins everything in a person’s life.’

Although the advertisement has been taken down surrounding the controversy, it is reported that according to Australian anti-discrimination legislation, the advert could technically be hailed illegal, considering the veganism specification falling under ‘political opinion.’ What do you think about the only for vegans rental home advertisement? Let me know in comments.

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