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Veganism Is Feminism for Female Animals? Natalie Portman’s Stirring Speech

by | May 1, 2019

A female cow is artificially inseminated so that constant flow of milk is retained. Millions of hens never realize what a ray of sunlight is, spending their lifetime laying eggs in the wired racks of hatcheries. The countless chickens and cows are females. They’re not bothered for their consent and are relentlessly abused in the egg and dairy industry. Here’s Natalie Portman’s say on her veganism’s inevitable link to feminism for female animals. Know more about her ‘veganism is feminism for female animals’ speech here.

'veganism is feminism for female animals' speech
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Veganism Is Feminism for Female Animals? Natalie Portman’s Stirring Speech

Vegan American-Israeli actor Natalie Portman just recently spoke to 16,000 students at an event in California and she upheld the inevitable connection of veganism with distinct feminism she finds through her diet. She spoke to the budding generation at the WE Day California which is a youth-activism celebration with different celebrities in Los Angeles, held last week. Throughout the event, the actor shed light upon the horrific and dark aspect of the egg and dairy in which countless female animals live their lives.

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Veganism Is Feminism for Female Animals? Natalie Portman’s Stirring Speech

She said there was a time when she used to separately identify veganism and feminism as different aspects. She reportedly thought she was a vegan and a woman’s rights activist differently. But now she doesn’t. According to Yahoo Lifestyle, her veganism is her way of advocating female animal’s rights, emphasizing the pain of female animals at the brink of the dairy and egg industry, both of which excruciatingly exploit the female animal’s reproductive abilities for commercial satisfaction of the masses.

“Only after I became active in women’s issues did I realize that my veganism was related to those very issues,” said the actor to a crowd of upcoming future, adding and emphasizing how dairy and eggs don’t come from just cows and chickens, they come from FEMALE COWS AND FEMALES CHICKENS.

“We’re exploiting female bodies and abusing the magic of female animals to create eggs and milk,” told the vegan actor who has been vegan for the last 9 years, reported Yahoo Lifestyle.

Lots of people make fun of anybody who cares about anything deeply, right?”

Shedding some more light on the often unnoticed suffering of female animals (among other animals) she said how mothers are separated from the babies “to create milk,” adding that the way in which animals are kept in “crowded, prison-like conditions” to obtain dairy and eggs won’t take much to draw the line between “how we treat animals to how we treat humans.”

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Speaking about her becoming a vegan, the Annihilation star said that because she related to animals as a young girl, she became vegetarian initially, who is now strict vegan. She told that she went vegan after realizing it could be a personal way to contribute to the ailing environment. Portman advised the student to not let naysayers come their way and “Eat how you believe.” All the students present over there all earned their tickets to the show after making some difference in their communities.

“So now lots of people make fun of vegans, right? Lots of people make fun of anybody who cares about anything deeply, right?” Portman said, adding “But I’m here to say,… it’s the most beautiful thing to care, to have your heart open so much that someone else’s pain feels like your own, to care so much that you’ll spend your time making sure that change happens, and that’s why you are all here today.”

Natalie Portman is one of the many vegan celebrities who use their status for the greater good. What do you think about her ‘veganism is feminism for animals’ speech? Do you feel the same way as the actor? Let me know in comments.

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  1. Julie
    May 3rd, 2019 @ 6:52 pm

    It’s not necessary to treat animals badly in order to get their nutritious eggs, milk, and meat. In fact, many farmers are using respectfully raised cattle to rehabilitate the environment. Look up Joel Salatin and Allan Savory.

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