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Art for Awakening: Florida-Based Artist Paints Agony of Animals

by | April 12, 2019

The more you talk about the suffering of animals at the hand of man, the lesser it will be. The endless torture farm animals endure from birth is tormenting. Not only on farms, but every walk of human life finds a way to squeeze the life from innocent animals. Animal rights activist organizations like PETA work hard to raise awareness. But here, art comes to takes charge.

Artist Paints Agony of Animals
Credit: by Amber Kipp/ Unsplash

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Artist Paints Agony of Animals

An artist and rapper from Miami, Florida has taken the internet by storm with a mind-boggling image of a cow breastfeeding a full-grown man. The image by Freebison features a disturbing portrait of a cow standing upright (much like a human) and feeding a full-grown man her breast milk. Just like the grief-stricken peeks from the dairy industry, the image similarly hits right into the guilty conscious of people, and even if only for a second, the picture will prompt viewers to think about the matter…that we drink the milk of a cow meant for her baby.

Recalling the stir created on social media, PETA took to the matter with their ability to hit minds with their short yet utterly sensitive evocations in few lines. Titled, “Looks weird right?” PETA’s post went viral on Twitter. PETA asked viewers to raise their hands if they know drinking the milk of a cow isn’t right.

Credit: @peta/ Twitter
Artist Paints Agony of Animals

According to PETA, every interaction on social media is an opportunity for them to reach people, “including those who may never have considered whether it’s unnatural to forcibly impregnate mother cows and steal the milk meant for their babies or for humans to drink milk as adults (something that no other species does).”

Credit: @peta/ Twitter

A lot of posts from the same animal rights group go viral, thanks to their emotion evoking visuals and narratives. This time PETA borrowed the artwork of Miami-based artist, Freebison, to drive their message home.

When Art Reflects Truth, it may Look Disturbing

Artist Paints Agony of Animals

Truth is always naked, and thus, hated. Freebison’s images may not be soothing to view because they reflect the naked truth. Sometimes a cow breastfeeding a full-grown man, sometimes a fox walking down the runway with a skin of man wrapped around her neck, all these images are definitely not eye-candy. But the reality remains the same as shown in the pictures, just opposite. The injustice to which we subject animals is hidden in our sophistication. The artist’s Instagram feed is full of such images that many don’t wish to see.

Credit: @peta/ Twitter
Artist Paints Agony of Animals

A sorry story of dairy animals

Dairy animals like cows are routinely artificially impregnated so that a regular flow of milk is maintained. The process includes manually collecting sperm from a male and injecting it in the reproductive tract of a restrained female. This process continues until the cow is too exhausted to remain fertile, typically after three to four pregnancy cycles, and then the horrific process of killing the infertile, or “spent” cows takes place.

If you think the calves are taken care of, you better confront the truth. It is just the other way around. Male calves are of no use to the dairy industry and are served as soft flesh to populations, also known as “veal.” What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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