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World’s First Vegan Probiotic Lassi Launched by Vancouver Couple

by | April 30, 2019

An Indian couple who immigrated to Vancouver this year is set to showcase their plant-based non-dairy product that is a delightful and organic plant-based mango drink, as opposed to the original dairy-based iteration. Lassi, a drink hugely savored in India is traditionally made of curd, sugar, salt and flavored with fruits. Know more about the new vegan probiotic lassi here.

Image by Plant Veda


Vancouver Couple Set to Launch Vegan Probiotic Lassi at VegExpo

Vanita Gurnani and her husband Sunny Gurnani, who became vegan a few years ago, immigrated to Vancouver earlier this year. They are parents of two vegan children and have lovingly co-founded their start-up, Plant Veda. Vanita and Sunny now call British Columbia their home and are set to launch a revolutionary product: the vegan lassi under the tag of their company. The product will be released at this year’s VegExpo, taking place at the Vancouver Convention Center West on May 5th. According to Straight, the couple even introduced plant-based and dairy-free foods to their native home of India.

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Speaking about their veganism, the couple told Straight that after they realized the horrors of the dairy industry, how calves are snatched away from their mothers and milk, they transitioned to veganism, adding that they were expecting at the time and could feel the strain and stress of the mother cows and the babies. They said:

“(…)We turned vegan and later learned about health benefits as well and are raising both of our kids vegan. Our kids are very healthy and active.”

Vegan Probiotic Lassi

Traditionally the Lassi that is favorite across the Indian subcontinent is prepared from curd, ice, water, sugar, and salt with occasional use of fruits and spices. It is believed that the drink helps cool the body and promotes gut health.

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The vegan couple’s company, Plant Veda, will make the same delicious drink minus the dairy and any preservatives or GMOs. Their flavorful product will be crafted with oats, cashews, cane sugar, Himalayan salt, fruit pectin, and live and beneficial bacterias. Their first product is set to be unveiled in mango flavor with other flavors like turmeric and B.C. blueberries, among others that are in the pipeline. The couple reportedly ran a vegan Indian food truck in San Francisco Bay. What is your take on the new vegan probiotic lassi? Let me know in the comments.

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