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Stock Your Kitchen With In-Season Produce This May

by | April 23, 2019

Shopping in-season is the best way to ensure that you are eating the freshest produce you can (which also usually means the most delicious) and it’s a great way to cut down on your grocery bill. Whether you shop in supermarkets, health food stores or farmer’s markets, shopping from in-season produce is the way to go.

It’s almost May, which means spring is in full force. With warmer weather and hopefully with your allergies under control, why not spend some time outside going to local markets to shop what’s been blooming? Here are some delicious picks that are in-season during the month of May.

In-Season Produce
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Stock Your Kitchen With In-Season Produce This May


What’s better than a delicious, juicy apricot fresh from the tree? Full of everything great for you including iron, vitamin c, fiber, potassium and antioxidants, apricots are great for your body inside and out. Have a surplus of apricots because a neighbor has a tree? Try dehydrating them to munch on for a sweet on-the-go snack.


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Stock Your Kitchen With In-Season Produce This May

Don’t forget to keep eating your greens! Asparagus are delicious additions to any dinner and they even taste great on the barbecue. Asparagus has also been known to be a great food for pregnant women for it’s contribution to overall heart health and it can aid in preventing osteoporosis. Enjoy this in-season green in our vegan asparagus lemon butter pasta.


Perfect for warm weather, pineapple is a versatile fruit that can be added to a surprising number of meals. It’s great for digestion and it can actually reduce the risk of muscular degeneration. Try our delicious piña colada inspired grilled pineapple dessert for a yummy treat.

Spring Peas

Peas are very versatile and can be successfully hidden inside many dishes, even well enough for those that are very picky eaters. One of the best health benefits of peas is blood sugar control but other great perks are getting a good amount of iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and manganese.


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Stock Your Kitchen With In-Season Produce This May

Strawberries are my favorite fruit and I love spring because I can always snag such great deals on them. Perfect to help your immune system, treat arthritis symptoms and lower blood sugar, this antioxidant-packed fruit is one that’s great in breakfast foods and dessert. Love strawberries? You’ll be sure to love our raw strawberry freezer cake without added sugar.


My parents grow zucchini and every year, we have an embarrassing amount of zucchini overflowing our kitchen and our garden so it’s safe to say that we’ve gotten very creative with this delicious vegetable. Zucchini is known to aid weight loss, promote healthy digestion and lower blood pressure, among many other benefits. Sneak zuchinni in your kid’s food by trying our recipe for vegan zucchini “meatballs.”

Do you try to shop in-season? What is your favorite item in-season in May? Let me know in the comments below.

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