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Vegan Ways To Fight Spring Allergies Naturally

by | March 7, 2019

Are you prone to seasonal flare ups? Here are some vegan ways to fight Spring allergies naturally. Keep reading to know more about it…

Even though Spring hasn’t officially started, my seasonal allergies don’t seem eager to wait for almost another month to strike. All of my fellow pollen-allergic people out there know how miserable it feels to be sneezing all day, suffer from itchy eyes, and dry throat. Although over-the-counter medications have worked wonders for me (I still keep them handy in case of bad allergy flare-ups) turning to more natural remedies has worked wonders in the long run as far as controlling my allergies goes. Although all of these tips won’t cure you of your Spring time woes, with consistency they can help you maintain balance within your system. Here are three vegan ways to help you fight Spring allergies naturally.

Vegan Ways To Fight Spring Allergies Naturally
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Vegan Ways To Fight Spring Allergies Naturally

Drink apple cider vinegar

In the mornings, stir a spoonful of apple cider vinegar into a tall glass of cool water with lemon and chug it. Not only will the apple cider vinegar mixture provide a stronger immune system which may give allergy relief, but it will also aid in lowering blood sugar levels, better your digestion, and promote healthy weight loss.

Find some nettle leaf

Nettle leaf is an antioxidant-rich leaf which you can either take as a vitamin or buy it either whole or dried. Make a tea with this special leaf in order to help relieve allergy-induced itching and sneezing. Nettle leaf can also be used for urinary problems, diabetes treatment, and arthritis.

Got Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is responsible for your body’s tissues, it helps you grow and fix them as well as promoting the production of collagen (for anti-aging). You can find Vitamin C in the form of a tablet or vitamin at your local pharmacy. It is recommended to take between 65 to 90 mg of Vitamin C daily and it is not recommended to take over 2,000 mg a day. When it comes to your allergies, Vitamin C has been found to be a natural antihistamine which means that it reduces the release of histamine which in turn lessens the impact of your allergy symptoms.

What methods do you use to fight Spring allergies naturally? Do you have any others to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below.

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