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Nikki Reed Joining Vegan Food Company Raised Real! Read Exclusive Interview

by | April 19, 2019

Popular actress, Nikki Reed, best known for her role as Rosalie in the Twilight Saga series, just announced that she will be taking on a new role as an Advisor for Raised Real.

Raised Real is a plant-based frozen baby food delivery service. The wide variety of meal options are all organically-source, flash frozen, and developed by nutrition experts to meet the needs of kids. It’s superfood for tiny humans. The baby-ready meals are delivered to your door on a schedule that you can tailor to your family’s needs.

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Nikki Reed Exclusive Interview

In an exclusive interview with Nikki, she told Raised Vegan that her journey as a mother led her on the path to working with Raised Real. As a plant-based parent, having easily accessible, nutrient-dense, healthy options for her daughter is a top priority and Raised Real makes that possible.

“All moms want the best things for their kids and discovering this company in the way I did, in an organic way as a true fan of the product, as a mom who uses the product, it made for a beautiful relationship,” said Nikki. “Plant-based living is something that I feel very passionate about, I don’t believe that I need to talk to the world about how they should eat or how they should live, but I know what I practice in my own household and I know what feels right for my family. I love that Raised Real gives parents the opportunity to experience plant-based, nutrient-packed foods for their kids in a way that makes it convenient, simple, and stress free.”

Raised Real is the perfect solution for busy parents everywhere. Instead of filling your kids up on prepackaged, preservative-filled foods, you can make the healthy choice of nutrient-dense, perfectly portioned, plant-based meals that won’t go bad. You can rest easy knowing that they are getting the superfoods they need: the healthy fats and oils, the spices, all of the things we often forget about putting in our foods until after the fact.

“You will feel a sigh of relief after you try Raised Real, it’s like a copilot in the kitchen with you, a sous chef mama support system,” said Nikki. “You have a support system and someone helping you think of all those things that your child needs, that we all need.”

nikki reed
Raised Real Instagram

While Nikki Reed has been plant-based for many years before having her daughter, becoming a mother has inspired her work and how she lives her life.

“Becoming a parent changes you, it changes your perspective, it changes your priorities, it changes what you’re passionate about. It changes you forever and that’s ongoing. I find myself doing things that I genuinely enjoy, but I’m doing them for her as well. You start thinking about the state of our planet and what kind of world you want your kid to live in, through which filter they should see the world.”

Nikki Reed’s daughter loves all of the choices from Raised Real. For Nikki, an important part of raising kids who love their vegetables and can make healthy choices for themselves is to not mask the ingredients. “There is something really wonderful about letting them discover the beauty of a piece of broccoli and what it looks like, and not something you have to hide in their food. The majority of the time, if we teach kids about food and what they are eating, they tend to want to make good choices on their own,” said Nikki.

One of the things that sets Raised Real apart from other baby food companies is that it doesn’t have to be just for kids. While it is “superfood for tiny humans” it’s superfood for all humans. Most days Nikki will start making a meal for her daughter and it looks and smells so delicious she makes an extra for herself! “I find myself dumping another packet in there because it’s the easiest, best thing for me as well.” The meals look beautiful, too. “It’s so cool to see something that is aesthetically pleasing in your bowl. You feel like you’re a chef putting this beautiful meal together. It only took five minutes, it looks gorgeous and smells delicious, the house smells great and you just got home from work!”

The meals from Raised Real are a perfect option for all families and will save you a ton of time and energy in the kitchen. You will feel confident in your food choices and you will know your kids are getting the plant-based, delicious nutrition they crave and deserve! Check out and try it out for as little as $4.99 per meal!

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