Credit: Stacey Solomon/ Instagram

Stacey Solomon Shares Stomach Hair Pic While Pregnant

by | April 23, 2019

Stacey Solomon, well-known from Loose Women, took to Instagram to post a photo of her bump while sunbathing on Thursday. Pregnant with her third child, Solomon is no stranger to the beauties and the woes pregnant women across the globe experience. One of these things that no one seems to talk about? Excess stomach hair. Keep reading to find out more about why her loyal fans are praising her for posting this picture.

Stacey Solomon Shares Stomach Hair Pic While Pregnant
Credit: Stacey Solomon/ Instagram

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Stacey Solomon Shares Stomach Hair Pic While Pregnant

Stacey, 29, rose to fame initially back in 2009 with her secured spot of third place on the reality T.V. show, The X Factor. Since her time on The X Factor, she has appeared in numerous other television shows such as a guest spot on “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” and a panelist on “Loose Women.”

With her first two pregnancies happening a while back, her first-born Zachary being born in 2008 and her second-born joining her in 2012, she had announced her third and most recent pregnancy with actor and personality Joe Swash on February 22 of this year.

With this most recent pregnancy, Stacey has been sharing her journey publicly on social media, namely Instagram, posting adorable family photos and more “slice of life” posts. Thursday, she shared a photo (below) showing a pretty commonly experienced, but less commonly talked about side-effect of pregnancy: new body hair.

Credit: Stacey Solomon/ Instagram
Credit: staceysolomon/ Instagram

In the caption of her photo (see above), she asks her fans and followers if anyone else has experienced having what she calls a “snail trail” of “overall fuzz” during pregnancy. Much to the happiness of her followers for talking about this all-too-common pregnancy side effect, many shared their own stories of growing a lot of hair they previously didn’t have in unexecptected places while carrying a child.

Stacey Solomon and son Zachary. Credit: staceysolomon/ Instagram

Growing hair in places you never seemed to notice it before is completely normal while pregnant and it happens more often than you may think. Due to a hormone called androgens, which has an increased production during pregancy, you will have body hair that grows in much faster than you may be used to.

Not to worry because this is only a temporary side effect of pregnancy, lasting usually only three to six months post-delivery. Whether you choose to embrace this extra hair like super mom Stacey or whether you feel more comfortable with it plucked, shaved or waxed, rest assured that there is nothing to worry about!

It is also important to note that hair loss after pregancy is another hair-related issue that may happen which you can read about here.

Congratulations on your third pregnancy, Stacey Solomon!

Have you experienced new body hair during your pregnancy? What other side effects of pregnancy have you experienced that seem to only rarely be discussed? Let me know in the comments below.

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