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Stretch Marks Caused By Genes Not Pregnancy, Studies Reveal

by | April 20, 2019

Recent research has debunked the popular association of stretch marks with pregnancy and has confirmed that the marks are not associated to pregnancy in every case, it is genes that make some woman predispose to the tiger stripes at times. Discover more here.

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Stretch Marks Caused By Genes Not Pregnancy, Studies Reveal

Some women are able to get past their pregnancy without having to deal with striae on the skin. Scientists have now solved the mystery and the answer is in our genes.

According to the Daily Mail, recent research carried on 760,000 people’s DNA has confirmed that they can be caused due to the presence of certain ‘genetic markers,’ and to say the exact, there are 544 such ‘genetic markers’ that are associated to these marks on the skin.  

Dr. Sazonova’s team from a US-based firm called 23andMe created a computer model using the sampled DNA data, and that could predict if a person was less or more likely to get stretch marks from pregnancy. She reportedly mentioned- 19 percent of people don’t have the scars whereas the other 81 percent with ‘genetic and other factors’ including herself has these marks.

Speaking about some woman who goes through pregnancy without any such marks, the reason is the same ‘genetic marker’ that protects them from the marks, whereas others (genetic makers) cause stripes to some woman, revealed Dr. Olga Sazonova.

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The study conducted at 23andME was reportedly based on the results of people from different descendent like- 670,000 people in the study were of European descent, and 90,000 from ethnic groups like African-Americans, South Asian and Latin American origins. The results proclaimed woman more vulnerable to the scars than men.

To the women, who didn’t overcome the stretch marks, had them in the first place because of their skin cells genetically programmed to produce less of the important protein that’d repair and give elasticity- more aptly called elastin. Dr. Olga Sazonova said to the Daily Mail:

‘You can find all kinds of claims on the internet, but realistically I don’t think we have enough solid evidence to really say, ‘Here is one action you could take.’

Did you have to deal with stretch marks post pregnancy? Let us know in the comments below.

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