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Funny yet Inappropriate Things Said to Pregnant Women from Reddit

by | April 11, 2019

Reddit is a whole world within itself, you can find everything on there, from personal advice to memes to people anonymously sharing stories from their life; funny, sad, or wholesome. I stumbled upon this thread in r/AskReddit and some of the responses had me laughing so hard I cried. Without further ado, here are the funniest yet inappropriate things said to pregnant women.

Inappropriate Things Said to Pregnant Women

I bet that the OP (original poster) didn’t expect the kind of turn out that I saw on this post! Out of 1.1k comments, here are the absolute best.

Funny yet Inappropriate Things Said to Pregnant Women from Reddit

Some people just get so unlucky as to have such awful in- laws, but having your FiL call you fat while you are actually pregnant is a whole new level of mean. Congratulations to Reddit user whateverspicegirl for keeping her cool here! If that was me, I know that a lot of very colorful words would’ve definitely came out.

What’s with family members (especially those you are not exceptionally close to) wanting to know the dirty details on how your unborn child was conceived. Weird, much?

funniest yet inappropriate things said to pregnant women

This man’s wife is the level of savage that I aspire to be. In case you don’t know, DO NOT TOUCH A PREGNANT WOMAN’S STOMACH WITHOUT CONSENT. For that matter, do not touch anyone without consent first. Sometimes, the answer is no. Get over it, lady in Costco who I’ve never met before.

In the famous words of Simon Cowell, “That’s a no from me.”

3 Months to go, and I’m counting down the days. Not because I’m excited to meet my little angel but because I see sangria in my future.

funniest yet inappropriate things said to pregnant women

What’s people’s obsession with trying to find out the exact conception date??? That’s seriously a whole other level of creepiness.

Sorry, I think I missed the memo that my husband was obligated to feed me the second that I got pregnant. I can promise you that I’ve eaten five times this past hour and that during all of those trips to the kitchen, I’ve had an existential crisis as I was deciding which sweet treat I wanted.

Which of these tales from Reddit was your favorite? Do you have a hilarious story of something inappropriate you were asked during your pregnancy? Let me know in the comments below.

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