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New Mum Realizes She’s Pregnant While Delivering Baby in Bath

by | April 22, 2019

24-year-old Charlotte Dubard from east London reportedly gave birth to a healthy baby boy in her bath after all of a sudden she had abdominal cramps, only to find she was in her last stages of labor, and finally gave birth to the child on her own. Read to know more about the new mum who realized she was pregnant while delivering baby in bath.

New Mum Realizes She's Pregnant While Delivering Baby in Bath
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New Mum Realizes She’s Pregnant While Delivering Baby in Bath

The incident took place in an east London locality called Bow, where she gave birth to her baby all by herself. According to Daily Mail, the stunned new mum had no idea she was pregnant, just that she suddenly started to crave sugar and gained some 11lbs of weight. One day while in her bath, she suddenly felt some abdominal cramps and decided to have a look with her phone camera, only to her surprise her camera captured the “sprouting” hairs of her baby from “downstairs.” She was in labor by then.

On January 29th, the brave woman reportedly went all alone in the excruciating affair and without the use of any painkillers, she gave birth to her baby boy weighing 6lbs 8oz. She even used a pair of nail scissors to cut the umbilical cord and then ringed her boyfriend Miguel who rushed to their flat from his work.

Returning to their flat, Miguel screamed, asking if Charlotte found the baby on the street.

Credit: by Master1305/ Shutterstock
New Mum Realizes She’s Pregnant While Delivering Baby in Bath

‘I started bawling and said “This is ours.” He was in shock. Neither of us could believe it was ours. It was the most mysterious thing,’ said Charlotte, adding that it took his boyfriend ages to believe that the baby was his.

According to Charlotte, her weight gain wasn’t enough for her to believe that she was pregnant. She also said her occasional cramps (contractions) were milder than period cramps and came and went in waves. She craved sugar. After the incident, she connected the dots of her symptoms and after consulting the doctor, she realized what had happened. Charlotte said it was after they reached the hospital that she accepted the baby, Elias, was theirs.

She said, “But then when we were waiting for the doctor, Miguel said ‘Look he has your nose’ and that’s when I suddenly realized he was ours.”

The 24-year-old new mum feels incredibly lucky to have a healthy Elias, despite maintaining no restrictions (she smoked, drank, worked 14 hour days and even took contraceptives) all throughout her pregnancy. Recalling her self-birthing, while delivering baby in bath at her flat, she guessed her instincts took over.

Charlotte calls her child “miracle baby” Elias after she realized everything she put him through. What do you think about the incident? Let me know in the comments below.

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