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New Proposed Law in Australia Can Imprison Vegan Activists

by | April 17, 2019

Just recently a video by an Australian livestock farmer and charity holder surfaced online. He slammed the vegan activists for their protest and demonstration last Monday. Now there are reports afloat that according to new proposed laws, such activities shall face consequences by law in the upcoming future. To know more read on.

Imprison Vegan ActivistsNew Proposed Law in Australia Can Imprison Vegan Activists
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New Proposed Law in Australia Can Imprison Vegan Activists

Australian Prime Minister Morrisons, if re-elected in May has plans to revamp laws that will prevent Aussie Farms (a vegan activists organization) from extracting private information about farmers. This step shall be taken in the future to stop violent protests like the recent incidents and participants may even face a year of imprisonment if farmers’ homes and other lawful businesses are made to target. President Morrison promised consequences for activists who would incite criminal activities against farmers, reported the Sydney Morning Herald.  

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While speaking to reporters at Launceston of Wednesday, President Morrison told that the farmers are being targeted in the ‘most mercenary’ ways by an organization (referring to Aussie Farms) that only thinks of itself and not the real damage caused to the livelihoods of the ‘hard working Australians.’  

Mr. Morison said, “Those who engage in using such information to incite criminal activity of people going and seeking to trespass or cause these types of injuries to the well-being of our farming community, they will face jail terms of up to 12 months.”

“We’re not kidding. It’s not just their farm, it’s their home. It’s where their kids live and grow up.”

The Vegan Protest of Monday 8th April

Vegan activists group Aussie Farms, reportedly on Monday 8th April launched their cross border campaign that went out of control and police had to intervene. Protesters chained themselves to abattoirs and vehicles, spam called farmers in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland and blocked a busy street, disrupting the heavy flow of traffic in Melbourne Street. Privacy laws were reportedly renewed last Friday imposing penalties on Aussie Farms for publishing contact details of farmers. It has been also reported but the law would exempt journalists from revealing illegal conduct in the agriculture industry. What do you think about the new proposed law? Let me know in the comments below.

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