This Awesome Vegan Family Lives Off the Grid in a Converted Bus

by | January 21, 2019

Natalie Frizza, her partner Zac Wilkinson, and their son Tallow are living the tiny home life in their converted bus. The vegan couple from Australia wanted to make a change in their lives after their son was born. They wanted to raise him in a simplistic, nature-friendly, off the grid environment.

converted bus

This Awesome Vegan Family Lives Off the Grid in a Converted Bus

Sharing a passion for travel, Natalie and Zak decided to quit their jobs at the coffee shop in Western Australia, where they met. The pair traveled around South East Asia and India before their son was born.

The pair, wanting to live a life off the grid, decided to purchase a bus for around $4500. Zak, who had little to no experience in renovating a mobile home, spent six months fixing up the bus to make it a comfy home for his family. Two solar panels on the roof provide power for appliances and lighting, and the stove runs on gas, but for the most part, the couple tries to live a self-sustainable life.

The converted bus was ready to go by January 2019. Natalie, Zac, and Tallow are loving the tiny home life and are currently living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. They live a relaxing life that revolves around nature and making their food from scratch. Tallow loves being able to run around outside, and the family enjoys a swim in the ocean most mornings.

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Natalie says that she’s so grateful that herself and Zac get to see their little boy grow, and that living in a converted bus means that they don’t miss a second of it. The nomadic family will be traveling around the east coast of Australia and hope to someday travel to Indonesia and Hawaii before they have any more children.

Zac and Natalie document their off the grid lifestyle on Natalie’s Instagram their YouTube channel, Natalie the Nudie. One of their recent videos, titled “Manifesting dreams: No more 9 to 5,” shows the family enjoying the beauty of the coast. It’s all so organic and natural. Other videos give us a tour of their converted bus and introduce us to some of their friends. Definitely worth a watch.

“Follow us, follow our dreams… and hopefully ignite the spark in you to do the same,” says Natalie.

The vegan trio looks to be living the most peaceful, simplistic, and nomadic life. Watching their YouTube videos makes me want to purge my possessions, buy a bus, and travel around the world. I think maybe a little spark has in fact been ignited.

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