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Foodtech Enabled Vegan Burger Developed By Brazil Startup- ‘Fazenda Futuro’

by | April 17, 2019

Brazilian startup by Marcos Leta- ‘Fazenda Futuro’ or Future Farm” (translating from Portuguese), soon after its inception a month ago has reportedly launched their own vegan burger iteration that tastes, feels and looks and smells like meat among other ‘meaty’ qualities. And AI has a role in here. Read on.

Vegan Burger
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After biggies of the industry like Nestle and Burger King putting their hands into the meat-mocking trend, and with impressive results, to say the least, this time a Brazilian startup has something newer than the others. No, the product still tastes as good as meat (Lol), but here they have just gone food-tech; meaning the ‘Futuro Burger’ (as they like to call their version) recipe is prepared with the help of “sensory tests and artificial intelligence.”

The company reportedly used artificial intelligence to scale its product to the highest level of identity to the original meat-based burger. Founder Leta worked alongside the Good Food Institute to develop their own vegan burger locally, thereby aiming to fill the void of the increasing Brazilian plant-based industry. After a visit to the United States and learning how other players develop technology-driven vegan foods, they initiated the same for Brazil.

The product: the Futuro Burger will be crafted using pea protein, chickpeas and isolated soy protein with beetroot responsible for attributing the look of the burger and even ‘blood.’

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vegan burger

“By developing technologies that can create the same animal-free foods in taste, texture and meaty smell, we want to show that it is possible to revolutionize the food industry without causing a negative impact on the environment,” said CEO Marcos Leta, adding that his goal is simple: to ‘evolve’ plant-based meat to a point that there are enough and cheaper than the original animal meat.

‘Future Farm’ brand’s Future Burger will be initially available in supermarkets at a rate of about $16.99/ two units. The product will be available in stores at São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro from May. What do you think about a ‘Foodtech?’ Let me know in the comments below.

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