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Barbaric Seal Slaughter: Swoosh of Hakapiks that Bathes Baby Seals in Blood

by | April 11, 2019

Some of them are so little that they may not have even fully realized their own surroundings before a swift motion of sharp blades or gunshots penetrates their tender neck, or their soft skull is crushed with clubs. Every year Canada witnesses barbaric seal slaughter by the thousands for their tender fur. Another round of this horrific annual event has begun.

Barbaric Seal Slaughter
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Canada’s Barbaric Seal Slaughter Has Begun

The seemingly endless blood bathing happens every year in Canada when thousands of commercial sealers go to the Canadian ice floes and inhumanely kill baby seals for their fur. Seals remain vulnerable to slaughter from a blow to the head with a club or a spiked club called hakapik, and sometimes they are “hooked” and skinned alive. Their bodies will be left on the ice sheets to rot and reportedly, in most cases the babies don’t die in the first blow, and are thereby left for an even more gradual and painful death.

According to Canada’s law, baby seals can be killed as soon as they lose their iconic white fur. Most of the time, the seals are just a few weeks to a couple months old. Baby seals are unable to protect themselves and have no way to escape the gunshots or the strike of the clubs. They lose their lives before they are able to run away or protect themselves.

A Blood Stained Industry

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Will barbaric seal slaughter stop?

Commercial seal hunting in Canada is able to continue due to the financial support the industry receives from the Canadian government, according to Canada Shame. Countries like the United States, Russia and those within the European Union have already put a ban on products derived from seals. Even China, which had been an unstoppable market for seal derived product, has recently backed off from the cruelly derived products.

The market for seal products has dwindled over the past few years due to lack of demand, and the number of sealers participating in seal hunting has dramatically fallen. Activist groups PETA and Canada Shame have relentlessly worked to put an end to the savage commercial killing. Canada is among few countries that subsidize the seal trade and now the whole market is at the verge of downfall if the industry isn’t financially supported by the government any longer.  

You can sign PETA’s petition here, to urge Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to extend his compassion on the helpless seals and save them from the bloodbath. We wish the barbaric seal slaughter stops anyhow. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.

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