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Five Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

by | April 7, 2019

Choosing themes can be a high-stress situation, especially if you want the celebration to be extra special. Although common themes such as red carpet, SpongeBob, or luau have been tried and true, sometimes you need to try something different. Here are five unique birthday party ideas for your kid’s next special day.

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Is your child a fan outer space? Try having a NASA or outerspace-themed birthday party featuring planet decorations, DIY astronaut outfits, and a spaceship themed vegan birthday cake. Other space-themed foods you can prepare are planet cake pops, pizza crescent moons using vegan croissants, and punch with star-shaped ice cubes. Depending on the age group of the attendees you can either host a jeopardy-themed game of space trivia or a “design your own alien” drawing contest. Finish of the night by showing an age-appropriate alien-themed movie, such as Scooby Doo Alien Invasion.

Summer Camp

Whether or not your kid’s birthday will be taking place during the summer months or not, a Summer camp theme is a fun one that works great with both large or small groups. Roast vegan marshmallows over a fire or a candle (with adult supervision, of course), pitch a tent outside for a sleepover or create blanket forts inside, and sing your child’s favorite campfire songs. Barbecued vegan hot dogs are an absolute must for the complete camp aesthetic. Don’t forget to host “camp” activities!


Halloween doesn’t just have to stay in October, it can come back to life during your child’s birthday party! Get an extra use out of those costumes you bought for Halloween last year and ask party guests to do the same. Bob for apples, eat candy corn, and play some fun festive music like The Monster Mash. You may not be able to carve pumpkins, so instead have some adults help the children carve the peels of firm oranges before devouring them. If any teenagers will be coming along, set them up in a separate room with some teen-friendly horror movies. Make sure to take plenty of fun party photos!

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Storybook is a fantastic theme for younger children and frôlée children, and you can expand the concept to include their favorite literary heroes or heroines. Whether your child’s favorite story is Jack and the Beanstock or Goldilocks and the Three Bears, you can easily put together simple costumes using what you already have at home and request that party guests do the same! Have story time where you read a few favorite stories and have the children narrate their own stories. For this theme, try storybook inspired foods such as raisins covered in green-dyed vegan white chocolate to make “peas” from The Princess and the Pea or cookies decorated to look like the Cheshire Cat.


Are your habits of reading your daily horoscope rubbing off on your child? Host an astrology themed birthday party that the universe would be proud of. Have the children write their own horoscopes using internet templates and let them write horoscopes for their parent or sibling too. Decorations with constellations and a galaxy-esque birthday cake can pull this whole theme together, especially when paired with other galaxy inspired foods. If it is a sleepover, when it gets dark show the children how to find constellations such as Orion’s Belt, the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper.

Have you ever used any of these unique birthday party ideas before? Do you have any other unique birthday party ideas for kids to add to this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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