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Dwindling Demand and Activists force closed Pig Slaughterhouse in the UK

by | March 21, 2019

A pig slaughterhouse is being force-closed due to unflinching vegan activism and falling preference for pork in an area. To know more, read on.

Credits: Sonsedska Yuliia/ Shutterstock

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Dwindling Demand and Activists force closed Pig Slaughterhouse in the UK

“It is not financially viable.”

The Broad Oak Abattoir at Tottingworth Farm, Heathfield said that they would no longer be processing pigs in their slaughterhouse because it is no longer financially viable. The east Sussex slaughterhouse, UK said not only vegan activism is the reason for the abrupt stop of processing pig, but dwindling demand of the same is also another primary reason behind the decision. Pig farmers otherwise believed vegan activism was the sole reason for the decision. Although, the facility will continue to process sheep and cattle.

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The move is supposed to be announced late in March, reported the Farmers Guardian.  

Not just Vegan Activism, Demand is a matter too

A spokesperson from the Broad Oak Abattoir said to the Farmers Guardian- the pig numbers have considerably fallen with passing years and vegan activism is the other reason for the stopping of pig slaughtering. Quoting a spokesperson from the farm-“We used to do more than 150 pigs a week, but this last week it was only 58. It is not financially viable,”

A farmer from the region who used the Abattoir (wanted to remain anonymous) said that it is a complicated issue. He realizes the effect of vegan activists, but whatever the reason be, farmers are anxious for losing a vital infrastructure. He went on to reveal- farmers have had a substantial deal of trouble for years due to the protester’s activities, and onlookers will assume this (stopping processing pig) as a result of the intimidation.


Tottingworth farms, in recent years, have been the target of numerous demonstrations by activistsSussex Animal Save and others. ‘Humane slaughterhouse does not exist’ shouted the megaphones held by Protestors, stated the Totally Vegan Buzz.  

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According to Totally Vegan Buzz, activists from Direct Action Everywhere disrupted a store of Hisbe in Brighton UK, to promote cruelty-free knowledge. Hisbe is a supermarket that claims to ‘respect customers, farmers, suppliers, ANIMALS, and the PLANET.’ Thirty activists who entered a Hisbe store chanted- “There is no right way to do the wrong thing. This whole “happy” exploitation movement are not baby steps,” as they held slogans reading ‘local doesn’t mean ethical’ and ‘humane murder is a lie.’

Irrespective of what the protests achieve, and if (or not) the demand for meat is dwindling in certain areas, either way, the pain of knives and blades ripping life continue to haunt a number of animals than not. Should you choose mercy over taste is your call. What do you think? Let me know in the comment below.

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