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‘Meat The Victims’ Activists UK Protest At Pig Farm

by | March 9, 2019

On Saturday, March 2nd, around two hundred vegan activists protested outside a pig farm in the UK. Meat The Victims activists UK gathered to protest against factory farming. About one hundred of these activists also went inside the farm to protest. There was a strong police presence there as well as riot squads and evidence collectors.

'Meat The Victims' Activists UK Protest At Pig Farm
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‘Meat The Victims’ Activists UK Protest At Pig Farm

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‘Meat The Victims’ Activists UK Protest At Pig Farm

Meat The Victims UK say they want to expose realities of factory farming to the public. Videos from Sandilands Farm show activists dressed in white suits and masks storming one of the huts. Animal rights campaigners want the industry to be more ‘transparent’ and chose Sandilands Pigs to show a standard practice UK farm.

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‘Meat The Victims’ Activists UK Protest At Pig Farm

Activist Joey Carbstrong explained that these factory farms operate in secrecy and people have a right to see what they’re funding. Protesters showed up to Sandilands Farm at 11 am on Saturday morning, shared updates through their social media and refused to leave the farm until their story was covered by the press.

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Sylvia Hook, a farmer at Sandilands Farm, said that the activists caused damage to the farm and distress to animals, even accusing them of causing the death of two piglets. Hook said in an interview with Lincolnshire Live that fifty activists piled into a farrowing house, where sows immediately began jumping up and down and two piglets were squished to death. Hook added that there were also two other piglets injured.

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Hook accused activists of picking piglets up and trying to cuddle them, then returning them to wrong pens. She claims that the protest went on for such a long time that they could not continue with their scheduled caring for the animals, including feeding them on time.

Meat the Victims UK denied that their activists caused Sandilands Farm animals any stress or that they were responsible for the death and or injury of any piglets.

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  1. Sandra Bennett
    July 8th, 2019 @ 6:18 am

    As if the farmers care about those piglets anyway!

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