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Luxury Vegan Resort Dogcations Are Set To Be The Next Big Trend of 2019

by | April 2, 2019

Summer vacations are the highlight for a majority of travel-loving 9-5 working class people. And, the only thing that usually dissuades pet parents, like me, from planning a long vacation is that gloomy look my fur baby gives me the moment I even touch my suitcase. Even with a dog sitter, walker and caretaker, I just can’t muster up the courage and heart to leave him alone. Those sad eyes sure are heart melting. Yet, if the internet is anything to go by, the next big trend of 2019, is bringing your furbaby on those sandy beaches with you.

And even more, I have always been amused by the idea of vacationing with my dog. Videos of dogs going bonkers on their first time at the beach has fueled my desire all the more. Thankfully there are countries around the globe that are beginning to realize the emotional bond between a pooch and their human parent. Vacationing with your dog isn’t a costly dream anymore.

This summer pack your bags for a ‘Dogcation‘ . Let him jump with joy!

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Three Awesome Pet-Friendly Places To Vacation With Your Fur Baby

The idea of dogcation isn’t something novel- it has been around from quite some time but was not feasible enough previously, considering the cost of vacationing with your pooch. But thankfully, due to relaxed pet friendly policies and rules by countries like France, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Austria- the world is coming around to the idea that dogs aren’t a owned commodity, rather an emotional loyal companion. Did you know Austria has put a ban on choke collars and doesn’t allow stores to display puppies and kittens in the shop window? And that Switzerland takes pet parenting so seriously that first time owners are recommended to go through training courses! Sweden even limits the amount of time for which a pet owner puts their dog in a crate. I wish that was a rule worldwide.

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All the love dogs receive might have a lot to do, with the incredible affection and loyalty, they slather their owners in. Just recently, a French scientists, from University of Rennes, concluded in their research that dogs pick up the smell of an epileptic seizure. Just one request here, service dogs are specifically trained to assist people with disabilities. Please do not try to pass off your pet as a service dog to save a few bucks or demand for relaxations in pet rules. Follow the right route.

Here are the three best places to vacation with your fur baby.

The Bahamas

next big trend
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Dogcations The Next Big Trend

Beautiful blue waters around, breeze caressing your hair and a summery cocktail punch to relax with by the pool side- as much as this a dreamy vacation for you, it can be the best time your dog could ever spend with you. And add to this the charter boats that are more than willing to let a furry passenger on board. Bahamas has a string of pet-friendly beaches, like
Cabbage Beach and Harbour Island, where your dog can romp, relax and rejuvenate- just like you.

next big trend
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Love open water excursions? The Bahamas has that sorted out too! With more than 25 pet friendly hotels in the Bahamas, there isn’t any excuse for not planning a trip with your fur baby. and snap up all that glorious vegan food the country has to offer.


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The European country takes its furry citizens very seriously. With their recent far-reaching animal rights bill that demands animals to be treated as
living non-human sentient beings with a nervous system scientifically capable of feeling pain and experiencing other emotions“, Luxembourg can easily be called the most progressive country in the world in terms of animal rights.

Luxembourg is one of the top three places every dog parent should have in their travel bucket list. There are a number of dog friendly parks, luxurious restaurants and hotels. Just a tip: don’t forget to dine in pet-friendly Vegan and Vegetarian food restaurant- the Beet ! Beet calls itself an ambassador of consciously aware local and seasonal food serving restaurant. And rightly so.

The Netherlands

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I am a bit jealous of the Netherlanders. Not only do they have been blessed with picturesque vivacious natural beauty, the crime rate over there is so low that the jails are being forced to close down sighting unavailability of prisoners. (I am not kidding!) Now if that’s not enough a reason to pack your bags, I don’t know what is!

The Netherlands allows dogs in most places like beaches, departmental stores, and there are over 500 pet-welcoming hotels and restaurants. In Netherlands, you can travel by public transport with your furry vacationer by your side. If you’re travelling by train, while a small four legged companion can travel for free, for big dogs you might need to purchase a €3 ticket each.

Need I say more? Plan a dogcation this year- you owe it to your furry pooch. Get packing 🙂

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