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Sausage Dog Ditches Meat After New Found Love for Vegan Sausage

by | May 15, 2019

Meet Honey, the sausage dog from Bedale, North Yorks. A former meat lover, Honey just can’t get enough of her favorite vegan treat, since she got to taste a vegan sausage that was dropped on the floor by her human mum. And she apparently turned vegan. Read on to find more about former meat lover sausage dog, Honey and how she became vegan.

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Sausage Dog Goes Vegan after Tasting a Vegan Sausage

Just like us, taste-dynamics of dogs are absolutely unpredictable. You never know, what they start loving and when. In this case, Honey, the sausage dog got to taste a plant-based sausage when her twenty-five years old human mother Olivia Moore dropped a piece on the floor and the adorable pooch pounced on the treat to munch it down in an instant, shocking Moore. According to The Sun, as soon as the little dog tasted the vegan sausage, it became an instant convert, so much so that, now when her human mother cooks a batch, she asks more of it. Honey even chowed down an entire plate of the same when her human mum left them on the table.

Speaking to the media house, The Sun, Honey’s human mom mentioned that the dog’s coat ‘started looking really glossy’ since her Honey developed a passion for the cruelty-free sausages. And what’s more adorable? The dog, since it tasted the plant-based sausages, reportedly seeks for an opportunity to loot a few from the table, which according to her human mother is ‘quite impressive when your legs are as short as Honey’s.’ That is so Awwww-worthy!

Commercial Pet Food is a Bane to Companion Animals

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Even if your dog (or any pet) doesn’t fall for vegan sausages in an instant, or develop a newfound love for vegan food, you better cease giving them commercial meat-based pet food. According to PETA, the livestock parts deemed unfit for human consumption by the inspectors of US Dep. of Agriculture goes into supermarket pet food. That implies the commercial pet food is made of animal flesh coming from any of the four ‘D’ categories, naming- disabled, dead, dying or decaying. You would never let something as bad enter your beloved pet’s body. Following a vegan diet, comprised of balanced nutrients, a lot of cats and dogs enjoy sprawling health. All you’ve got to ensure is they get the proper nutrients.

What do you think about Honey, the sausage dog and her newfound love for vegan sausage rolls? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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