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Monty’s Good Burger of LA to Expand into an Extravagant New Vegan Eatery

by | May 14, 2019

When it comes to plant-based venues, the business is clearly booming. One after the other, each successive one getting better than the before, vegan eateries are sprouting across the US. Los Angeles has quite some plant-based venues that cater to the ‘grown-up’ audience. Speaking about LA and its vegan eateries, Monty’s Good Burger is unmissable. Here’s great news if until now you thought you’ve to settle only with that. Know more here.

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Monty’s Good Burger of LA to Expand into an Extravagant New Vegan Eatery

Nic’s will be a plant-based restaurant an extension of LA’s famous vegan eatery. The restaurant has been one of the distinguished plant-based eateries in the LA and has been serving burgers employing the Impossible patty. They specialize in plant-based burgers made from Impossible patties, smeared with homemade sauces and locally sourced ingredients.

Now, the brain behind the Monty’s- Nic Adler is looking to extend their reach into a ‘dinnertime comfort fare’ that will aim to deliver ‘polished’ catering to the plant-based diners, reports Eater Los Angeles. The spot is reportedly set to open in Beverly Boulevard in LA, which was earlier the location for the restaurant called the Ponte. It must be noted that Monty’s Good Burger is already a hit to the vegan community of LA.

While speaking to the food channel Eater, owner of Monty’s who has been a vegan for decades said that he seeks to offer diners with a ‘comfortable space’ where they can drink, dine and relax without worrying any animal-based ingredients threatening their morals. The vegan restaurateur is associated with Coachella’s food situation (one of his full-time job) and the conscious eater has reportedly introduced more plant-based items to the music great festival with time.

Not Just Eat, You’ll Drink Sans Cruelty

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Coming back to Nic’s, Nic is reportedly employing the Top Round co-founder and formerly Church Key, Chef Steven Fretz to direct the upcoming restaurant’s meatless culinary affairs. Ryan Ososky will be the executive chef of Nic’s. What’s more? You can even drink without any regret, thanks to vegan-friendly drinking expert and barman of Gracias Madre, Jason Eisner who will reportedly be responsible for overlooking the restaurant’s drinks.

Certainly, veganism is expanding. Great eateries, sprouting more than ever. Which one at LA is your favorite? Keep an eye on the opening that is likely to be next month. What do you think about Monty’s Good Burger? Let me know your thought in comments.

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