Credit: Screenshot of sv3rige/ Youtube

Infamous Anti-Vegan Protestor Creates Nuisance at a Vegan Café in London

by | May 14, 2019

To the ultimate horrors of vegans, more so of the vegan café owner, the same infamous vegan protestor who ate raw pig’s head earlier did another gut-wrenching stunt. He created nuisance inside a vegan café in London, as a part of his protest to veganism. Know more here.

Infamous Anti-Vegan Protestor Creates Nuisance at a Vegan Café in London
Credit: Screenshot of sv3rige/ Youtube
Anti-vegans entered a cafe with raw chunks of meat, settled on tables.

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Raw Meat-Eating Vegan Protestor Did Gut-Wrenching Stunts at a Vegan Café in London

The carnivore, and anti-vegan ‘sv3rige,’ who was arrested a few weeks back for eating a raw dead squirrel at a vegan fest in the UK, did another stunt at a vegan café. He entered the London café with his followers, settled on tables, and began chewing on a big chunk of meat that he was carrying. Copying him, the other followers too started taking their slabs of bloody raw meat out from their bags and devouring the same, to the horrors of the vegan staff present in the café, reports The Sun Online.  

Credit: Screenshot of sv3rige/ Youtube
To the horrors of the vegan staff, they started devouring raw meat.

The group of anti-vegans was led by the same person who has a YouTube channel named sv3rige, and last month had squirrels stuffed in his mouth as to what appeared like a protest to veganism. His stunts equally disgusted some meat-eaters. As soon as they were onto their demonstrations, the owner Vanessa Almeida, 40, objected the absolutely disgusting act pointing out to the protestors that they’re in a vegan restaurant.

Credit: Screenshot of sv3rige/ Youtube
Despite the cafe owner’s warning, meat-eaters continued protests and argued

Matters Escalated in the Café

“Ok, now you go out. Go! You’re so stupid, it’s pathetic,” Almeida told the protestors, to which one of the anti-vegans responded by saying, “In November, vegans went to a meat eater’s restaurant and screamed at them. We are being very nice.” The anti-vegan was sucking a piece of offal. After some time when Almeida’s warnings went futile with the protestors who sat on the table, grinning and chowing on raw meat, she reportedly threatened to call the police. “Go out now, you are not in your place,” the owner of the vegan cafe in London said. The anti-vegan argued that vegans do the same things to meat-eaters.

As the matter escalated, the infamous protestor who was until now eating the dead squirrel, received a shove from Vanessa, and he retaliated back by shoving her. Speaking to the camera for the first time since he entered, he said “She just attacked me,” adding “She just assaulted me!”

Credit: Screenshot of sv3rige/ Youtube
There was shoving and pushing in the vegan cafe in London

After certain pushing and shoving, the anti-vegans finally left the café and hurled abusive comments from outside.

“The owner of the place looks paler than an albino.”

“Your brain is fraying on your diet. You’re mentally ill. You’re retarding the human race.”

One of the Anti-vegan via
Credit: Screenshot of sv3rige/ Youtube
The meat eaters hurled abusive comments after going outside

The group leader of sv3rige, before leaving the pandemonium, said to the camera while still holding the big raw meat chunk, “I was just assaulted by vegans for eating meat.” At the end of the video, the anti-vegan protestor can be seen talking about getting the vegan staff arrested for allegedly ‘assaulting’ them. The horrified Café owner Vanessa Almeida, speaking to The Sun Online, stated-

“Love beats hate every time.

“They had no place being here, whatever they get up to in their own time is up to them.”

“For us the whole experience was very saddening. It was just horrible.”

“Since the attack the community has been amazing, vegans and non-vegans have been coming into the cafe just to give us hugs.”

Vanessa Almeida via

Sometimes some people truly need some moral and ideological boosts, needless to say, the lack of the same pushes some to peruse something as bizarre as publicly eating raw meat, and even claiming ‘go vegan and die.’ What do think about the incident? Let me know in comments.

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