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Nestle Seeks to Grab Vegan Burger Market; Preparing for More Launches

by | May 13, 2019

The launch date of Nestlé’s vegan burger in the United States may be coming soon. With the company preparing to launch their scheduled Incredible Burger in selected European markets, there are more in the pipeline, according to Nestle CEO. Know more here.

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Nestle Gearing for More Plant-Based Launches. Awesome Vegan Burger to Launch in the US Soon

Last month, Nestle mentioned their plans to step into the ever-growing vegan meat market with two plant-based burgers. The company shared its plans to launch ‘cook from raw’ plant-based burger patty that will be reportedly good enough to compete with the organic version of beef patty, the company stated in their official statement. Now, as Nestle prepares the launch of the ‘Incredible Burger’ in eight European countries, as per expansion plans, the date for the launch of ‘Awesome Burger’ in the US may be nearing.

Speaking to CNBC, the CEO of Nestle- Mark Schneider told lately that Incredible Burger is as of now available at 1500 outlets across Europe. It includes fast food chain Mc Donald’s as well. He also mentioned that Nestle Plans to increase their vegan offering with time, adding that the company plans to launch their own meat alternative in the US this fall and expand their vegan burger outreach.

“We are deeply interested in the plant-based food area.”
“I think we have a lot to show in this area.”

Mark Schneider via

As per the plans, Awesome Burger should be hitting the States by this fall and the food maker also plans to retail the vegan burgers in outlets like retail stores, foodservice operators and fast food restaurants. The product will reportedly compliment their existing veggie-centric burgers from their Sweet Earth brand.

Of course, if Nestlé’s offering will be able to tickle the taste buds of the masses, the competition with the market leaders will be tough at the same time exciting. No doubt that the biggest of food makers are keen to enter the vegan bandwagon. What do you think about Nestlé’s new vegan burger launches? If you’re from European county where Nestlé’s product is available, have you tried yet? Let us know in comments.

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