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Awesome Fandom Inspired Nurseries Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

by | April 9, 2019

Show your love for your favorite fandom with nothing better than fandom inspired nurseries! If Harry Potter is your favorite thing in the world (besides delicious vegan food, of course), why not start your baby off young? Here are the coolest fandom-themed nursery photos from Instagram to help inspire you when you build yours.

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Awesome Fandom Inspired Nurseries Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

Harry Potter

Awesome Fandom Inspired Nurseries to Inspire You

As my personal favorite fandom of all time, this Harry Potter nursery is literally goals. Complete with house swag, a broomstick, framed Hogwarts photos, and an adorable character mobile, this is the perfect space for any little witch or wizard as they wait for their Hogwarts acceptance letter to come via owl.

Star Wars

Featuring Yoda’s quote from Attack of the Clones, “Truly wonderful the mind of a child is,” this Star Wars themed nursery will suit any little Luke Sykwalker or Princess Leia. With simple furniture, light sabers, and a hyper-realistic Death Star rug, this room is sure to make anyone jealous, regardless of age. One of the best fandom inspired nurseries, indeed!

Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel has always been a popular fandom for young and old. If you love comics (or just the movies), build an Avengers themed nursery so that maybe one day, your little superhero could be the newest member on the Avengers team. Captain America seems to be a favorite in this nursery but feel free to customize your own using Spider-Man, Iron Man or Thor.

My Neighbor Totoro

One of Hayao Miyazaki’s most famous movies, My Neighbor Totoro is an unbeatable theme for a cute yet simple nursery. Using a printed bed sheet and a decal, this theme requires minimal effort without sacrificing integrity. Other Miyazaki movies such as Spirited Away or Howl’s Moving Castle can also be made into nursery themes.

Disney Pixar

It seems as if almost every child in the world knows and loves Disney and today, Disney Pixar is one of the most popular fandoms for children to be a part of. This nursery successfully combines Monsters Inc. with Finding Nemo using similar color palettes, plushies, and bedding and the end result is absolutely adorable. Choose your favorite Pixar film to inspire your nursery! Perhaps it’s Toy Story or The Incredibles.


Pokémon was a number one favorite of my fellow 90s kids and with the resurgence of the game and TV series with Pokémon Go, it is sure to continue to reign in popularity. Choose your favorite Pokémon to turn into a pillow or a plushie! Here we have Pikachu.

Which of these fandom inspired nurseries is your favorite? Did you have one? If so, share it with us by tagging #raisevegan on Instagram.

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