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Vegan News Roundup: Latest News you Should Know

by | April 6, 2019

This week in vegan news, we are reporting in on a lot of food news, the new Dumbo movie, and the world’s first (and perhaps the coolest) vegan resort. Don’t ever miss any news again, here is your weekly vegan news round-up for the week ending April 7.

Hungry in Hungary? Try this All-Vegan Pastry Haven

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Credit:plantmilkyway/ Instagram

Going on a trip to Hungary any time soon? If so you won’t want to miss out on grabbing a delicious vegan pastry (or two… or three) from Plantlifemilkyway located in Budapest.

People are Slicing Bagels Like Bread Loaves and it is Freaking Me Out

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Credit: Alek Krautmann/ Twitter

The internet was in shambles after Twitter user Alek Krautmann shared what he called a ”St. Louis secret” last week. How do you slice your bagels?

Vegan News Continues Below

Cries that Go Unheard Forever. New Dumbo Movie Narrates Plight of Elephants.

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Credit: by Sarunyu L/ Shutterstock

Tim Burton’s Dumbo remake may not be the happy-go-lucky movie you thought it would be… it shows more than a glimpse of the reality of circus elephants.

Birds Eye Foods to Debut Vegan ‘Green Cuisine’ Range

birds eye

American international food brand Birds Eye that has been well known for their very non-vegan frozen food items has since released options that herbivores can enjoy too.

Pack Your Bags Kids, The Worlds First Vegan Resort to Open

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Credit: plantlifehotel/ Instagram

Something we didn’ know that we needed until we got it, the world’s very first vegan resort is set to open in Koh Phangan in Thailand. This luxury resort is sustainable and apparently you’ll be able to “enjoy the kind and gentle company of rescued animals.”

Vegans Cause End of American Farms? Minnesota has Lowest Profits Since 80’s

american farms
Credit Everett Historical/shutterstock

According to the University of Minnesota, sales from American farms are at an all time low. Are us vegans to blame for this downfall?

Daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow Calls Her Out for Posting Photo Without Consent

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Credit: Gwyneth Paltrow/ Instagram

Following Gwyneth Paltrow’s selfie-style photo with her daughter on Instagram, many Instagram users are divided on how to react to daughter Apple Martin’s comment on the photo.

Dairy Milk Sales Plummet by $1.1 Billion in the Last Year Alone

dairy milk

Plant-based dairy alternatives have officially took a large monetary toll on dairy milk sales- a price of 1.1 billion USD to be exact.

Ben and Jerry’s Releasing Vegan Cookie Dough This Month

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If you didn’t already love Ben and Jerry’s enough from their delectable veagn ice cream, you are sure to fall head over heels all over for them with this exciting new release.

Which of these stories was your favorite from this week? Were there any stories that we missed? Let me know in the comments below.

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