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Pack Your Bags Kids, The World’s First Vegan Resort to Open.

by | April 1, 2019

You have everything (almost) vegan. From milk to amusement parks and a lot more on the way. A recent and fascinating addition to the vegan bandwagon could be a resort that is self-sustainable, and vegan to be precise. How is it different from the ordinary? Well, to know that you’ve got to continue reading.

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Ethics Uncompromised, as you Enjoy a Trip To a Vegan Resort

“THE WORLD’S FIRST VEGAN, SUSTAINABLE LUXURY RESORT, UNIQUELY CREATED FOR YOU TO ENJOY THE KIND & GENTLE COMPANY OF RESCUED ANIMALS,” reads the homepage subtitle of Plant Life Hotel Sanctuary’s website. The sanctuary is yet to open in Koh Phangan Island in Thailand. Founders Max Hellier and Joanna met while on a trip. They resonated with each other’s view, and both felt a lacking of proper sustainable and vegan accommodation that ultimately became the fulcrum of the five-star project that will deliver ultimate vegan traveling experience without harming the planet and its life.

The bane of chemical-laden additives, plastic-laden slippers, and animal-derived foods pursued them to bring into life a resort that is a rectification of all the shortcomings they found in accommodations worldwide. The couple said, “We are both long term vegans for the animals, for the environment and our health.”  And undoubtedly their idea reflects in the project.

vegan resort
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World’s First Vegan Resort

What is so Vegan?

You already have an idea, why they’re calling themselves a ‘vegan’ and ‘sustainable’ hotel sanctuary, with their permanent residents of rescued animals, and set up on a lush green 5 acres land that’ll harbor abundant of coconut trees. There will be 23 spacious and luxurious villas with the interiors crafted entirely of cruelty-free bamboo, cotton, and pineapple-derived leathers. The vegan resort and hotel will also serve a fully vegan menu prepared from locally sourced ingredients.

The resort will be self-sufficient in terms of power consumption as well, with rooftop solar panels setup.  Max Hellier said they aren’t just any hotel, rather a living, breathing, compassionate business that functions with real values.

vegan resort
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Here You Won’t Be The Only Guest

Plant life Hotel sanctuary will reportedly host as many as 100 rescued animals (Cats and dogs among others) from the streets of Thailand and would be given a safe haven. According to the resort website, if we can lead a life without causing harm to the planet, animals and our health, then that is how we’re supposed to continue.

“We believe that it is not necessary for anyone to suffer in order for us to meet the needs of our guests. The wellbeing of our guests, the planet and our fellow animals is tremendously important to us and close to our hearts, therefore we ensure we are vegan in every aspect of our operations and of our lives.


Credit: plantlifehotel/ Instagram

“We envision a world where animals do not need our care and refuge in order to thrive, but for now, Plant Life is a safe harbor for animals in need of a caring home.

“Using sustainable energy, a zero waste policy, local sourcing and a self-sufficient water system, we are working towards a greener planet and healthier home,” mentions the Plant Life website.

Collecting Pebbles

The Vegan Resort opened its crowdfunding campaign on March 16 on Indiegogo in its quest to raise $870,000 required to build the project. If you support the campaign you’ll be held as a Plant Life member. And if you get lucky, you could win one of the four weekly prizes of a three-night stay at the resort that Plant life will continue to offer for the upcoming three years.

The project seems promising, especially with its vegan-friendly and sustainable outlooks. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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One Response to “Pack Your Bags Kids, The World’s First Vegan Resort to Open.”

  1. Niss
    May 11th, 2019 @ 10:21 pm

    Great concept, however they are not the first vegan resort, nor will they be one of the first by the time they open. I opened mine in January 2018 and have been creating it since 2016. It’s also a small rescue sanctuary, which will be expanding as I am able to. Now it has also evolved into a tree-house vegan community… I’ve worked hard on this project for the past few years on my own without outside assistance and I’m still at it. To be quite honest this article and all this press I’ve been seeing about this being the first vegan resort, is not only inaccurate but also harmful to those of us that have been working hard and non-stop creating ours and sacrificing everything to do so. The end goal is a vegan world, but let’s promote and create that while still respecting our neighbours that are trying to do the same, instead of step on them and their hard work.

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