Birds Eye to Debut Vegan ‘Green Cuisine’ Range.

by | April 1, 2019

Originally the makers of readymade and frozen meat-based products like fish and chicken, the food giant until now had only ‘frozen pea’ reasons to make vegans happy! Jokes aside, the company is set to debut in the plant-based fast food offering with some mouthwatering vegan preparations of some acclaimed mainstream dishes. What is more? The company dedicates their vegan offering especially to children who by 80% fall behind the sufficient vegetable consumption. To know more, scroll down.

Birds Eye to Launch Plant-based Fast foods

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Adding all the more vitality to a glittering future of vegan alternatives to mainstream dishes, the company raised the vegan palate with its plant-based Swedish meatballs, burgers, and sausages.  The company otherwise offers mostly non-vegan items like frozen chicken and others. However, the company is quite popular among vegans (and non-vegans as well) for its frozen peas and other vegetables. Now, by debuting more and diverse plant-based foods, and that too bringing some of the favorites (like sausages and Swedish meatballs), the company is set to win hearts. The new range of vegan products will be available for purchase from March 21st this year.

Birds Eye’s meat-free offering leverages the nutritional value of peas to recreate the taste and texture of a number of dinnertime staples like sausages and meatballs, under the branding of “Green Cuisine.” The motive of this offering will be to offer high-level of pea-protein and fibers and lesser saturated fats, according to Grocery Trader.

The competitive Vegan Food Sector

With the launch of the three plant-based alternatives, Birds Eye is aiming to move into the highly competitive vegan food sector. The sector is growing every passing day and according to the marketing director, Steve Challouma, “This is a major strategic launch into an increasingly important and fast-growing segment within the plant-based foods space.”

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Birds Eye Foods

He further told the Grocer, that the company has successfully managed to recreate the taste and texture of popular mainstream meat products. And with this, they are helping families to reduce meat consumption with their (Birds Eye’s) healthy options and that too not “compromising on flavour.”

Last year the company introduced a variety of veggie bowls in response to the growing demand for meat-free alternatives. The product was launched in flavors like Asian Sweet and Sour Noodles, Moroccan Tagine with Chickpeas, and Thai Curry with Chickpeas and sweet potato among other lip-smacking flavors, according to the website. The newly launched Birds Eye’s vegan offering would be available from Tesco and Asda stores, in the coming months. Among the other available products from Birds Eye, ‘Rainbow Mini Waffles’ is worth mentioning. The “fluffy potato mash and vegetable goodness” come in assorted colors owing to the use of diverse veggies and kids are supposed to nibble them with joy.

With the vegan meat industry tremendously pacing to the next level of growth, there is a lot more to encounter in the coming time. Is there anything you would particularly like to see? Why? Let us know in the comments below.

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