Asda Predicts 18 Million Vegan Mince Pies To Sell

by | December 6, 2017

Vegan holiday dinners have come a long way from the lonely carrots and potatoes we had ten years ago, but there’s still some noticeable differences in trying to recreate some dishes, and it’s usually just not quite the same as the original item.

Luckily, stores have started to take notice of the ever increasing population of customers who are ‘going vegan’, and eschewing any kind of animal products, in favor of a more ethical and happier celebration around Christmas.

Tesco has announced that they are introducing a plethora of products this year to cater for the growing demand. Even Pizza Hut has offered vegan pizzas to every store in the United Kingdom. Coupled with news that The British Dietitian Association announcing they are recommending plant-based diets as the healthiest, people are really starting to take notice of what is sitting on their plates, and if it’s really good for them and the environment.  With parents being hyper aware of what they are feeding their children.

Asda, the British supermarket has announced that they anticipate that they will sell eighteen million vegan mince pies this season! They are the first, and hopefully not going to be the last, who introduced the British staple this year.

“This festive season, Asda is proud to announce we now offer mince pies that are suitable for vegans and have been accredited by the Vegan Society,” says Ciara Loker, bakery product developer at the supermarket.

A recent survey by Waitrose found that sweet treats were some of the most sought-after festive foods that vegans felt they regularly missed out on.

Despite the substantial amount of vegan chocolate on offer these days, one in ten people who identified as vegan complained that they had a lack of indulgent foods around the holidays.

So we hope with these ever growing options being announced on a near weekly basis, we’ll see some amazing festive pictures on Instagram this year!





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